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Did you know that February is We Love Anime month at GameStop? My family is big into Anime, from Pokemon to Attack on Titan, we love it all! Cowboy Beebop is one of the first television shows I ever binged. That show helped my love for anime grow – and my husband and I passed that love on to our daughters. They might only be 5 and 6, but they enjoy shows like Yo Kai Watch and Pokemon more than most other shows they watch. Not to mention, they collect all of the toys and games. Also, if you like watching anime, one of my friends recently recommended this website to me. It has a huge selection of anime videos for you to watch online! I can’t wait to use it to start watching a new series really soon.

Speaking of anime toys and games, a great way to celebrate is by heading to your local GameStop (or GameStop.com/weloveanime). Starting February 13, anime fans can get their hands on a huge variety of anime gear, games, collectibles, apparel, and trading cards, featuring their favorite Anime! They have tons of amazing anime products to choose from. Video games, plushes, toys, collectibles – and the list goes on and on. I could literally spend hours going through all of the stuff they have.

we love anime month gamestop

Amazing Deals & Savings

Running from February 13th to 28th, GameStop has some incredible deals on pretty much all things anime! If you are a Power Up Rewards Member, you can get games starting at just $14.99 including titles like Digimon World of Next Order and One Piece Burning Blood. If you aren’t already a Power Up Rewards member be sure to sign up at your local GameStop location. ! Side note, if you are NOT a Power Up Rewards Member….why not?! But don’t worry, there are plenty of other deals for you if you aren’t a member. All Pop! Vinyl & Blind Bags are buy 3, get 1 free. And pre-owned games $4.99 and under and 4 for $10.

You can also get 20% off any one toy, apparel, trading card, or collectible with purchase of DBFZ, Shadow of the Colossus, or Dissidia. And if you trade, you can get up to 50% extra credit when you 3 or more games. This is for sure the time to go through your old games, trade some in, and then purchase all the collectibles and games you have been eyeing.

GameStop Anime Prize Pack

Deals on Anime Titles (Feb. 14 – 20)

  • Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth just $14.99
  • Digimon World Next Order just $14.99
  • Naruto Ship Ult Ninja St4 RoadBoruto just $14.99
  • One Piece Burning Blood just $14.99
  • Sword Art Online Hollow Realization just $14.99
  • Sword Art Online: Lost Song just $14.99
  • Tales of Berseria just $14.99
  • Seven Deadly Sins Knights SD2 just $49.99

Games $10 to $20 Off (Feb. 25 – March 3)

  • G.U. Last Recode just $39.99
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 just $19.99
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 just $39.99
  • Gundam Versus just$39.99 ($20 off)

Enter to Win an Anime Prize Pack

Giveaway Alert

Enter to win a We Love Anime Month Prize Pack from GameStop using the Gleam form below. The items included in this package are:

Anime shirt + socks
Dragon Ball Z Fighter (winner chooses Xbox or PS4)
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (winner chooses Xbox or PS4)
Dragonball Xenoverse 2 (for Nintendo Switch)
2 Anime Funko POPs

Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!

Anime Prize Pack from GameStop


  1. Don't really have one favorite, so i'll just list a few. DB/DBZ series/arcs, Bleach, Naruto/Shippuden, Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bepop, Gundam series/arcs, Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven, One Piece, Inuyasha, Sword Art Online, Samurai Champloo, Kenshin, Hunter X Hunter, Akame ga Kill
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  3. My favorite anime has to be a tie between Hunter x Hunter and Inuyashiki. Though I am really enjoying Dragonball Super! Its such a shame the series has announced its deadline :(
  4. OMG how could i forget about Parasyte-the maxim 10/10 to anyone reading this who has not watched it please do so you will not be disappointed
  5. I'm pretty much list my top ten by now because I honestly love so many from so many genre's I actually just finished Erased and can honestly say I havent cried that hard in a while

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