3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Pets Healthy: Tips To Prolong Your Pet’s Life


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As you might already know, I have two dogs. They are small breed dogs – a puggle and a pug. True to my geek nature, they are named after Game of Thrones characters (Sansa & Khaleesi). They are truly a part of our family. They sleep in bed with my husband and myself during the week – and often sleep in bed with my daughters on the weekends. we want them to live as long as possible, so we have started doing some things at home to keep them healthy. We can only hope that these prolong their lives, even for just a short while.

Pick The Right Food

Picking the right food for your pet is really important. You want to find a food that has quality ingredients. My whole family recently stopped eating processed foods and we feel so much better. It is a good rule of thumb to have when picking out your pet’s food as well. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient, maybe it is not something you should be feeding your pet. You wouldn’t eat it, right?

Khaleesi Eat Smart Scale

Weigh Them Often

Speaking of food, if you know anything about the pug breed than you know they like to eat. It is easy to for them to become overweight and unhealthy. To help me manage my dogs’ weights, we purchased an EatSmart Precision Baby Check Scale. I love that it can totally be used as a scale for smaller breeds as it goes up to 44 pounds. It fits right in one of our kitchen cabinets for storage and we weigh our dogs about once a week – just to make sure they are on track. It weighs in lbs or kg – so it is great for anyone. Not to mention, if you have little kids in the house, you can use it to monitor their weigh between doctor’s appointments as well!

Eat Smart Scale

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Love Them

My last suggestion is pretty simple. Just love them. Spend time with them. Make sure they live a happy life by taking them for walks, playing with them, and cuddling them. Animals need love too. Most pet owners will tell you that they are a part of the family. And that is the way it should be. Trust me when I say, them loving you back will be an incredible feeling! Of course, if they are truly happy, they will want to stay alive longer to spend as much time as possible with you. They won’t give up when the going gets rough, and the whole family will benefit.


Do you have a tip for keeping pets healthy?

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  1. Omg I have a pug too. I love him so much!! He does love to eat and is a little overweight. The vet wants us to slim him down because he has collapsing trachea and doesn’t want any added weight to his neck rolls. We also had to stop using collars and go to only harnesses, nothing extra added to his neck 🙁 But, for now he is doing fine and having fun with my little girl. They are the best dogs ever.

    • Pugs really are the best! I am so sorry you are dealing with those health issues with your baby! One of the things pugs are best at, is certainly eating. Ugh, I am glad to hear he is doing fine now. Give him a pet for me!

  2. Keeping them fit and healthy is a top priority. Watching what they eat and brushing their teeth is very necessary. Love our dogs!


    My niece is due with her second child March 21st and her first is just over a year old. This would be perfect for them. I would also use it for my dogs as to monitor their weight as the are aging.

  4. This is awesome, I would love to be able to weigh our pets! Our big cat is a little overweight so we have to feed him a special diet, so I often wish we could weigh him to see if he has lost weight. It would be cool to see how fast our puppy grows too! 🙂

  5. This would be perfect for my mom’s cat! She’s on a diet now, and this would help my mom know how her cat’s doing in terms of losing weight!

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  7. Karen Propes on

    Our little Doxie has a disc problem and he lost the use of his back legs. This is a problem that these doggies have, but we have him on bed rest and he is overweight, which makes it worse. He needs to lose weight to help him get healthier. He is getting the use back in his back legs a little, but weighing him is always the problem we have. This would be great, we could really get him back in good shape if we had this scale to keep up with how is progressing and to keep him at a good weight. He is our little baby since my Daughter has babies of her own now. I didn’t know they had scales for dogs that we could buy. Thanks for your review. Great giveaway also!

  8. rachael debates on

    I would love this for my cat, I like to make sure she stays at a steady weight so she keeps healthy!

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