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Dryel New Package

Between all four of us, my family surprisingly has a lot of clothes that should be dry cleaned. But honestly – who has time for that? Until I learned about Dryel, the chances of my actually paying attention to the tags on my clothing was pretty slim to none. There was no way that I could squeeze in going to the dry cleaners to my already busy schedule. With Dryel, I can take care of our clothes the way I should, without having to worry about them stretching, shrinking, or fading.

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How To Use Dryel

There are just 3 steps in the Dryel process – and they are all super easy. The first step is to pre-treat any stains or soiled areas with Dryel Booster Spray. Then add 1 to 5 garments and 1 ULTRAcleaning cloth to the reusable fabric protection bag. Simply tumble in the dryer on medium heat for 15 to 30 minutes (depending on if you want to renew or deep clean those clothes). Promptly take out your clothes and hang them to avoid wrinkles and you are DONE! See, I told you it was easy! Not to mention far less time consuming than driving to your local cleaners (no matter how close they are!).


Why Dryel?

Dryel is the best way to safely and thoroughly clean your special care clothes at home. The patented Fabric Protection Bag protects clothes and concentrates the gentle cleaning vapor from the ULTRAcleaning™ cloth for optimal cleaning performance. No fading, shrinking, or stretching caused by wet washing or dry cleaning. This is a big deal for me because I have a habit of shrinking clothes. I always thought it was my fault, but just maybe it was what I was cleaning it with. A few months of using Dryel and I have yet to have another shrinking problem! Thanks Dryel!

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All New Packaging!

I have some exciting news for you. Soon, Dryel will be releasing brand new packaging! It is so sleek and totally stands out on the shelves! I adore it! Don’t worry though, Dryel is still the same great product that we all know and love! The best part though? It now contains a FREE Stain Pen (which is a $4 value!). It even has a NEW Odor & Wrinkle Releaser and longer lasting scent. Just when you thought Dryel couldn’t get any better – they did! Expect to see it on shelves in December!


I bet you would expect something like Dryel to be extremely pricey, right? Well it’s not! For less than $10 ($9.99), the Starter Kit cleans up to 20 garments. The Refill Kit cleans up to 40 garments and is the same price. Yea, I was shocked when I found out too.

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