BRAND NEW Hatchimals Surprise: It’s TWINS! + Hatching Video!


Hatchimals Surprise Unboxing

My husband and I totally lucked out and pre-ordered Hatchimals last year as soon as we heard about them. We had a feeling they were going to be one of the hottest toys for the holidays – and we were right! When they arrived at our house, our daughters went crazy. At the time, they were 3 and 5, and had said they had found their best friends for life. We had a blast unboxing them and my girls have played with them nearly every day since. So when we heard that Spin Master had something up their sleeve for this holiday season – we just couldn’t wait to hear more.

Hatchimals Surprise Packaging

Hatchimals Surprise

We learned about the Hatchimals Surprise and tried our hardest to secure one or two for our girls, but had no luck. Then, as if by magic, I was asked to team up with GameStop and Spin Master to hatch our very own Hatchimals Surprise! Of course we jumped at the chance! So happy Hatchimals Day! Here is a look at the newest Hatchimals, and guess what – it’s TWINS! Get yours at GameStop today!

Hatchimals Surprise

Hatching Video

We were THRILLED when a Hatchimals Surprise showed up at our door. It came before the girls got home from school and to be honest, I almost hatched it without them. A few times. I just could not wait to find out what new friends were inside our egg. Somehow, I powered through those hours – and surprised the girls with their Hatchimals Surprise after school. And we immediately hatched it open. Here is our video.


Guys, it was the coolest thing EVER when that egg cracked open and we found twins inside. I mean, from the box I could tell that it was going to be twins inside, but I was still super excited! They were just as adorable as I thought they would be! The hatching process was a little different, which you can see in the video. These guys have soft noses so there was no pecking around in a circle for a while to open up the egg. Instead, they pushed their way out of the top. I think this new way was a lot of fun – and seemed to help the process move along quicker too!

Similar to last year’s Hatchimals, you raise these guys from baby, to toddler, to kid! With each new stage, you unlock more surprises! These twins play with each other! I mean, they actually talk to each other and interact with each other and it is SO COOL! As you can see, we got the blue Peacats. But you can also get the pink Peacats, pink Giravens, and Blue and pink Giravens!

Hatchimals Surprise Twin Peacats

Our Hatchimals Surprise twin babies have already taken over our house. In just one day they have gone EVERYWHERE with the girls. They have even been given so much love they are both in the toddler stage right now. We love these little guys, and I think you will too!

WARNING: There is some serious price jacking going on over at Amazon right now. Get your Hatchimals Surprise in GameStop stores or online for RETAIL price right now. Go go go! They will sell out!

Get your Hatchimals Surprise at GameStop!

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