These Are The Droids You’re Looking For: Sphero’s New BB-9E & R2-D2!


Sphero App Enabled BB-9E & R2-D2

It is no secret that the Smiths are a family of geeks. We love it all – especially technology. Sphero recently released some new App-enabled Droids and we have been in awe of them! I mean, what Star Wars nerd doesn’t want their own R2-D2, BB-8, or the new BB-9E to follow them around and do their bidding. We were thrilled when Sphero sent us a couple of these to check out – and we can’t stop playing with them!

From the moment we opened them up, we were blown away. I am going to be honest, I thought it was going to be really time consuming to get them synced with my phone, but it took just a few seconds. Within a couple minutes, I was making BB-9E roll around my house making beeping noises (and drive my dogs crazy). One of the coolest things about these droids is that they will interact with the Star Wars movies! There are no words to describe the feeling I get when watching a movie and I hear R2-D2 chattering away.


This is the Droid™ you’re looking for. R2-D2™ is an Astromech Droid™ in the Rebel Alliance from a galaxy far, far away…. The specialized tech in R2-D2 is unlike any other Astromech Droid, making it as authentic as the trusty Artoo you’ve come to know and love.

R2-D2 is one of my favorite parts of the Star Wars films, so I was so happy to have my own! I already thought he was super cool – and then I discovered the retractable foot and it put it over the edge. Not only that, but his front and rear lights are fully functional. One of my favorite things that he does is Artoo is amazing, and I love him. I wish that I could take him with me everywhere that I go.

Get yours at GameStop!


There’s a new disturbance in the Force. BB-9E™ is a menacing Astromech Droid of the First Order. This vigilant and intimidating Droid is always on high alert. This is NOT the Droid you’re looking for…it’s the Droid that’s looking for you.

BB-9E is the most badass droid I have ever seen – and I have seen a lot of droids. He sits in his display on my desk when he is not rolling around the house because I just love looking at him. Admittedly, he is a little hard to control at first, but within minutes, I got the hang of him. He just moves around so fast that it took some getting used to. As much as I love the light side (I swear I do), I am a dark side girl at heart. That is probably why this App-Enabled BB-9E has quickly become my favorite part of my geek collection.

Get yours at GameStop!

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Sphero App-Enabled Droid

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  1. they are both really cool but well I like r2d2 and I love to win this for my girl since she wants him so bad and if they make any more I say they should make the talking soda garbage can thing they had in the first movie

  2. I’d have a hard time picking a favorite, but BB-8, R2-D2, and Chopper are my favorites! I love my Sphero BB-8 and think it would be awesome to win the R2-D2 because it would give me the opportunity to use the programming capabilities with a different droid design!

  3. I’d love to win to save for my hubby and grandson for Christmas. They would love it! I like the R2-D2 the best but the new Sphero BB-8 looks really cool too!

  4. Debbie Welchert on

    I would love to win so I could play with them. It looks like so much fun. R2D2, the original, is my favorite droid other than Cp3o.

  5. Our family are also geeks and I know that my sons and husband would love one of these. The R2-D2 looks really cool and I think we’d love this one best.

  6. I want to win because droids are one of the best parts of Star Wars and I love R2-D2! I’d love to bring him to my office to show my coworkers who are also SW fans 🙂

  7. Andrés Arévalo on

    Why I want to win? Me and my girlfriend are big Star Wars fans and we had been together for more that 4 years. Now, we had been in a long distance relationship for the last few moths with the promise that we will come back together and we are going good with that plan. I even want to marrie her, so tell, would be cool that I make my proposal with R2 delivering the ring in the moment we finally come back together?
    Tell me that isn’t a good reason to want to win this awesome price.
    So, fingers cross for winning and for she to say yes

  8. I want to win these for my Husband for Christmas! He would go nuts! Thank you so much for the opportunity and I have to say it is a hard choice as I love the little BB9 but my husband would go nuts over R2D2

  9. This giveaway is one of the most awesome giveaway that I have entered in a while!! I know that one of my grandkids would love to receive this!!

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  11. OMG!!!! These ARE the droids I am looking, wanting, wishing, hoping, seeking, pining, yearning, longing, craving, daydreaming, searching, for!!! If I had to choose one it would be BB-9E. I saw the BB8 at a Bed, Bath, & Beyond last year. It was sold out, expensive, but very, very, very AWESOME. Thanks again and always MamasGeeky, you have the most fun giveaways with the coolest prizes. Your Geekiness is light of pure fun that shines across the dark web. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. LOL. Really though, you Rock!!!
    Good Luck Everyone!!!!

  12. I think both droids are cool! But R2-D2 is my favorite! I would love to win because I’m a fan, and it’s an awesome collectible! Thanks for the chance!

  13. Deborah Caudill on

    I would love to win these droids because I am a 62 year old Star Wars fan with a 28 year old son who may even be a bigger fan than I am. I am hard pressed to decide which droid I would prefer since R2 D2 holds so much nostalgia for me, but I adored BB-8, so even though I haven’t seen BB-9E yet, I am sure from your phenomenal description, I would pick it. Thanks so much for having such a spectacular giveaway! I would love to keep one and give the other to my son.

  14. My husband and I are both huge Star Wars fans and this would be fun for us to play with. My favorite is BB-9E even though we haven’t met him yet. I loved BB-8 in The Force Awakens, but I am quite fond of the dark side and I think I will love BB-9E even more.

  15. Droids. The best part of every Star Wars movie. I need these in my life. They really ARE the droids I’m looking for!

  16. I would like R2 d2. I’m trying to win for my grandson. Since I’m older it’s hard to keep up with what the younger kids like and he would be so thrilled to get something like this. I would give it to him for Christmas .

  17. I absolutely love the R2D2. Star Wars was my first drive in movie I ever saw. I played with Star Wars figures growing up. R2D2 is one of my favorites. I’d like my daughter to have the same fun I had as a kid.

  18. Tiffanie Davenport on

    I want to win because my daughter has a new obsession with all things star wars. Love the r2d2 one!!!

  19. gloria patterson on

    These droids are so cool and if I win they would go to my great nephew and I would get lots of best great aunt ever!

    I liked the original movies R2-D2 was always my favorite

  20. Today is my daughters birthday so I have been having good ones all day!
    So R2D2, I hope you’ll make your way into our home so I can give you to one of my grandkids!

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