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The fact that cellphones have pretty impressive cameras now-a-days, means that many of us take photos constantly. But where do they end up? I know mine almost always just sit on my phone. Every now and then I share on social media or transfer to my computer, but that’s about it. Thanks to CanvasPop, you can create a variety of pretty awesome products to display your favorite photos!

canvaspop photo pillows


Whether you need a thoughtful gift or a home decor piece that’s uniquely yours, CanvasPop personalized photo pillows are the perfect way to bring your favorite photos to life. As you should know by now, we are a Disney family. Many of our family photos are captured magical moments from the happiest place on Earth. When I found out about the PhotoPillow from CanvasPop, I knew it would be hard to choose the perfect photo.

canvaspop photo pillow

After going through hundreds of photos, my youngest daughter’s face lite up when she saw the one we settled on. She loves to kiss the characters’ noses at Disney – even the princesses. Anna from Frozen is one of her favorites and photopass snapped a great photo of her kissing Anna’s nose. I am so happy with how the pillow came out – and I know we made the right choice on the pictures. My daughter has not stopped hugging her new pillow since it arrived.

canvaspop photo pillow

I was super impressed with how well the picture on the pillow came out. I have seen photo pillows before and they tend to be dark and fuzzy. Our photo was bright and clear. These custom photo pillows would make the perfect accent pillow. We plan to get one for our other daughter, our living room, and our office at some point.

canvaspop canvas

Canvas Print

Of course, we had to try out a custom canvas print as well. Again, we went with a Disney World photo – no surprise there. My daughter’s favorite character is Pluto, so we chose a photo of her meeting him. We found one that included her sister and cousin because we knew she would like a family photo to have. CanvasPop canvas prints are designed to last well over 100 years, guaranteeing you’ll treasure your prints for a lifetime. That is one of the major reasons we went with one that included other family members.

canvaspop canvas photo

We found the perfect spot to hand the canvas in my daughter’s room – right in front of her bed. She looks at it every morning and every night. She enjoys it so much that she kisses it goodnight each night. I am extremely happy with how it came out. I can tell that CanvasPop really cares about creating a great product for their customers.


Easy to Create

CanvasPop makes these photo gifts extremely easy to create. Simply choose the photo(s) you wish to include and upload them to the site. You can even select what type of wrap and finish you would like to use – or add a filter! Then just add to your cart. It really is that simple! In about a week, you will have a gorgeous new way to admire your favorite photos!

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