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Beautiful Oops


I have two young girls who are 4 and 6 years old. They are quite the artists and just love to express themselves. We also love to read and one of our favorite books is Beautiful Oops. A while back, we received an advance copy and have been reading it at least once a week since. This book is filled with “mistakes” and “errors” that were made and then turned in to something else. For example, spilled paint becomes an elephant. It is fun to see my girls use their imaginations to discover what the mistakes can be turned in to.

Beautiful Oops

Because we love this book so much, naturally we were thrilled to hear there was a journal version being released! My girls literally jumped up and down when I told them about it. When we finally got our hands on this journal, I was beyond impressed. It took our favorite parts of the book and turned them in to an interactive book. My girls now had the freedom to turn the spills, rips, and blotches in to whatever THEY wanted to. To say we had hours of fun with this journal would be an understatement. I highly recommend it for growing little minds so they can express themselves and their imaginations!

About the Book

A Scribble it, Smear it, Fold it, Tear it Journal for Young Artists. MY BOOK OF BEAUTIFUL OOPS! is a hands-on journal that’s designed to help young hands and minds turn an “oops” into art. The friendly green alligator—familiar to readers of Beautiful Oops!—prompts the reader to imagine the possibilities of a bent page. Decorate a smudge. Play with splats and spills. Even complete a poem that was accidentally ripped in half.

Beautiful Oops

Filled with folded, crumpled, die-cut, and lift-the-flap pages, the activities will challenge the reader’s sense of play as they draw in, paint on, tear up, smudge, and ultimately artistically wreck the book. MY BOOK OF BEAUTIFUL OOPS! champions imagination, play, and the courage to express oneself. It’s about self-forgiveness and about turning off that inner critic that clamors for perfection. And it’s about freedom—the freedom to be creative and follow curiosity wherever it goes. That’s a lesson to celebrate!

About the Author

Barney Saltzberg is the author of more than 30 books for children, including Beautiful Oops!, A Little Bit of Oomph!, Good Egg, and the bestselling Touch and Feel Kisses series. Additionally, he’s recorded four albums of songs for children. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two dogs, and a pond full of fish.

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My Book of Beautiful Oops

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  2. I definitely think that art is a very important thing for kids to learn! It promotes creativity and allows them to use their imagination. It is also a great way to teach basic skills.
  3. Carrie Conley on
    Kids need to know that they are not perfect and learning is a great thing but sometimes things happen, start learning early how to get over your errors and move on
  4. At one time, to meet the school budget, they were going to eliminate Music or Art OR BOTH! Their reasoning was that these were "elective" classes & that parents could pay for these private lessons if they wanted their children to learn these. But a lot of parents & teachers thought it would be awful if we didn't introduce these opportunities to our children! We NEED music & art in our world! It soothes the soul and more!
  5. This is an important lesson for children to learn because no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. You have to not flip out if you make a mistake. Learn from mistakes, be creative, and make the best of it. Some inventions - like Ivory Soap - were mistakes. (They whipped the soap mixture too long and it had lots of air bubbles in it, so the soap floated!)
  6. I think it's important for kids to learn that not everything that happens is always correct and if a mistake happens, then it happens and you make the best of it no matter what happens :)
  7. Learning from lessons are so Important!! We have to trust that the things they learn and the mistakes they overcome are just stepping stones to the real highway called life! I pray that the guidance that teachers, pastors, parents, etc. keep them on the straight and narrow so when they reach adulthood and go out on their own, they have all the necessary tools to overcome anything that life throws at them! After all, we won't be around forever! God Bless our babies!!
  8. In my opinion, at times, each child needs to be treated with different kid's gloves regarding lessons in life. As long as they learn what they need to!
  9. Renee Rousseau on
    Accepting our oops makes us more flexible, creative, happy human beings. Perfection can stifle creativity.
  10. Another book is important in my family's life. & that is the Bible. A lot of teachings, stories, examples, all for our benefit to help maintain a full and healthy life.
  11. Saying "I'm sorry!" Is also part of learning to accept responsibility for mistakes and sometimes just to keep the peace!
  12. I've always thought a lesson is something you can learn from. Hopefully it is from something good and useful!!
  13. Real friends look past your mistakes and you look past theirs that's what real friendship is about! Because no one is perfect!
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