Dryel Dry Clean at Home

If you are like me, then you have a lot of nice clothes. I enjoy wearing dresses and nice shirts even though I do not work out of the home. My husband also wears a lot of dress clothes because of his work – he is an instructor at a Nuclear Power Plant. We want to ensure our clothes stay nice, but taking them to the dry cleaners can be expensive and time consuming. However, now that we discovered Dryel, we can dry clean at home!

If you have not heard of Dryel, I am about to change your life. There are many reasons to use it including saving money and time – but also, it works! Our clothes are clean and refreshed in just a few minutes. No more shrinking, no more trips to the dry cleaners – thanks to Dryel, my life as a busy mom just got a little bit easier!

Dryel Dry Clean at Home

How to Use Dryel

There are just 3 steps in the Dryel process – and they are all easy. The first step is to pre-treat any stains or soiled areas with Dryel Booster Spray. Then add 1 to 5 garments and 1 ULTRAcleaning cloth to the reusable fabric protection bag. Simply tumble in the dryer on medium heat for 15 to 30 minutes (depending on if you want to renew or deep clean those clothes). Promptly take out your clothes and hang them to avoid wrinkles and you are DONE! See, I told you it was easy!

Temperature Controlled Environment

What is Dryel? It is an at-home dry cleaner that harnesses the power of your own dryer to clean and deodorize clothing. The exclusive fabric protection bag included in Dryel Starter Kits creates a temperature controlled environment inside the dryer to refresh and renew fabrics like clothing, bedding and more. Even better? That bag is reusable for up to 30 loads! Dryel is safe for most types of fabric – even handling delicate, hand-wash, and dry clean-only items! Parents – you can use Dryel to clean those soiled Teddy Bears and other stuffed animals!

Dryel Dry Clean at Home

Patented Cleaning Process

The patented Dryel at-home dry cleaning process fits your life. Dryel quickly refreshes and renews clothes in only 15 minutes! If you need a deep clean, just tumble in the dryer for 30 minutes. Dryel safely and thoroughly cleans clothes, protects colors, and preserves shape without any harsh chemicals. That makes this mama happy because I hate harsh chemicals on my family’s clothing!

Dryel Dry Clean at Home

So let’s recap. Dryel refreshes clothes in 15 minutes and deep cleans them in 30 – in just a few simple steps. It eliminates trips to the dry cleaner and is a more convenient way to launder your items. And best of all – it saves you money! So what are you waiting for? My life has changed since I discovered Dryel – and yours will too!

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