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Tips For Save Money: Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Roto-Rooter Products

We recently moved into an older home. It was built in the 1890s and we chose it because of how beautiful it was and because of all the details you just don’t get in a home anymore. However, along with those gorgeous details, we got really old pipes and plumbing. Unfortunately this means a lot of clogged drains and toilets, which called for an emergency plumber to come out and help fix the issue. We (wrongly) assumed that it also meant a lot of expensive plumbing bills when we first moved in, and then we discovered Roto-Rooter at home products.

Roto-Rooter products have more active ingredients than any other product in the market and the right viscosity to provide the fastest and best-in-category performance, but are safe for all types of pipes and septic systems. While these can be great for dealing with clogged pipes, if you are suffering from a leak you’ll still want to be helped by the Best San Diego Leak Detection professionals. I must admit, my husband and I were a little skeptical at first because our home and piping is so old. But with hair like mine – seriously, I shed like a dog – we end up with a LOT of clogged drains. My husband tends to joke with me about the fact that there are small dead animals in the shower and sink drain, but then it is just my hair.

Roto-Rooter Hair Clog Remover

Hair Clogs

One day, a long time ago, our shower was backing up. I won’t say it was because of my hair but, it was because of my hair. There was so much down in that drain that no matter what tool we use, we just could not get it all up. It was causing the water to back up in to our sink even! We thought that calling a plumber was going to come along with a hefty bill, but we were wrong. Calling professionals to help you out in situations like these makes all the difference. But this time round, we decided to try out some Roto-Rooter Clog Remover products.

Roto-Rooter Clog Remover

Disposal Clogs

The Hair Clog Remover worked like a dream. I was shocked at how quickly our clogged pipes were not unclogged! And best of all? It was super easy to use! It just dissolved the hair and we could go about our day. You can use this product in tubs, showers, and bathroom sinks. Roto-Rooter also has a Gel Clog Remover which can be used on all of those plus the kitchen sink. We had our dishwasher backing up in to our disposal and kitchen sink not long ago. We used the Gel Clog Remover and the problem was solved in what seemed like record time again!

Roto-Rooter Products at Home

Trust Roto-Rooter

We now trust Roto-Rooter products for all of our plumbing issues. I couldn’t even add up all the money we have saved using these products instead of a plumber. They are safe to use in all pipes, septic systems, and garbage disposals – so you can use them too! If you are really having an issue, check out these videos on how to solve some common plumbing issues with Roto-Rooter products. Find out where you can pick them up here.