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Noddy Toyland Detective

My daughters are big gamers, just like their mama. They have a tablet that my husband and I have filled with great games for their age that they share. The newest game we downloaded is Noddy Toyland Detective. This app is based on a show that they watch on Netflix all the time. It is one of their favorites so you can imagine how excited they were to see a game where they could play as Noddy and solve cases! They couldn’t believe they could meet characters from the TV show including Bumpy Dog, Revs, Pat-Pat and the Panda Pockets, Fuse, the Naughticorns! This game quickly became one of my favorites too.

Noddy Toyland Detective

Our Experience

This is a great game for them to play alone, with each other, or with myself or my husband. We have lots of fun exploring Toyland in 3D and asking questions to uncover clues and solve mysteries. My 6 year old’s favorite part is creating musical masterpieces with the Pirate Band – she is going to be a composer one day, I swear it. You can also follow workout patterns, paint and decorate, solve jigsaw puzzles and so much more!

Noddy Toyland Detective

I love that my girls build investigation skills by discovering challenges, remembering, collecting, listening, thinking, and making connections. My youngest daughter is going into Preschool next year and this game is really preparing her for it – without her even knowing. The skills she is developing include language, sentence structure, and of course, creativity through play. I am shocked by the words she is learning and using – and she is even starting to read now!

Noddy Toyland Detective

For the Parents

One of my favorite things about this app is that there is no advertising or in-app purchases. Honestly, that is something I worry about most when I let me girls have their tablet to play without me watching over them. Even though I have set my account to require a password for them to purchase, I am always nervous they will somehow crack the code. So this take a huge weight off my shoulders.

Noddy Toyland Detective

Noddy Toyland Detective allows me to set up the length of time they can play, which is ideal for letting them have the tablet at bedtime. I also really like that I receive email notifications when they have finished a play session and create a new case for us to read together. Yup, each time they play, a storybook is generated! How cool is that?

Noddy Toyland Detective

About Noddy Toyland Detective – Let’s Investigate

Multi award winner, Kuato Studios, has teamed up with Dreamworks Animation to recreate Noddy Toyland Detective. Join Noddy as Toyland’s most famous detective in an adventure filled with storytelling, learning and creative fun! Play as Noddy with the help of his friends Bump Dog and Revs the car. Visit your favorite Toyland characters from New DreamWorks Animation TV show, now streaming on Netflix, and take part in fun mini-games and activities. Become a Toyland Detective and use the ‘Who, What, Where Book’ to solve mysteries. Once you’ve solved all the clues, trace back your findings by reading the story of your adventures in a narrative photo storybook.

Noddy Toyland Detective

Download the Noddy Toyland Detective app on iTunes or Google Play.

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Noddy Toyland Detective

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Noddy Toyland Detective airs on Sprout and is also now streaming on Netflix.


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  5. Samantha Martin on
    My son knew his alphabet, colors, and numbers in any order by sight before he was two. He actually learned some from me and from games I researched and downloaded. Don't forget kid's YouTube. He loves the attention he gets from me when we play and learn together. I never pushed him if he wasn't in the mood we found something else to do he was only one he is similar three now knows how to spell a lot of words we read together every night as well. When ur child is ready to learn something they will let u know. I did it all free he used my smart phone till I got him a little 20 dollar phone from dollar store.

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