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Summer is finally here – but not every day is going to be perfect and sunny. Let’s face it, some days you are going to have to stay inside. It could be raining, or just too hot. I have two little girls (ages 4 and 6) and I know how hard it can be to entertain them sometimes. Here are some screen free ideas that we do together when we just can’t get outside.

Amazing Chef Cooking Set

Cook Together

My daughters love to help me and my husband in the kitchen. They are always asking to help stir, measure, and pour. One thing that we have found is really fun to do when the weather is forcing us to stay inside is cook together! There are so many cooking kits for kids that have kid size utensils. Some of them even come with cookbooks! My 6 year old is becoming quite the home chef – she is better than her mommy if I am being totally honest. Cooking is a really fun family activity, and it teaches kids a valuable skill they will use all their lives.

summer activities

Create Together

My husband and I are trying to teach our daughters to be creative. He is an artist by nature, I – well, I am not. But if you give me detailed instructions and all the materials I need, I can put something pretty decent together. My girls have been loving the craft kits we have been getting – and a rainy day is the perfect time to pull one out! As you might have figured out, I am a little bit geeky – and totally raising my girls to be the same way. So when we pick out craft kits at the store they are usually themed around comic books, movies, or Disney. My personal favorite has been the Marvel Universe Felt Kit!

playmobile ice cream truck

Pretend Play Together

Some of my favorite moments with my daughters include picking up a few toys and creating an hour of a story with them. My 4 year old’s current favorite story line is throwing pretend birthday parties for, well, for basically any little character she can get her hands on. We have a few PLAYMOBIL sets and they always end up as part of the story. One of her favorites is the new Ice Cream Truck. Of course, our toys are always stopping by to order a frozen dessert from the window. The ice cream for the birthday parties is always ordered from the PLAYMOBIL ice cream man!


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