Peg + Cat: Peg and Cat Save the World Hits DVD 5/23


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Peg + Cat is a big deal in our house. My daughters love watching the episodes and playing the games at! Myself and my husband enjoy it as well because our daughters learn a lot of math (without even knowing it!). This show is great at teaching kids in a fun way. And I admit, it is pretty entertaining for me too. I have caught myself still watching it after the girls move on to something else on more than one occasion.

Because we are such big fans, we were thrilled to be given an advance copy of the first Peg + Cat movie! In this fun-filled, two-part movie, the president of the United States (voiced by actress Sandra Oh) summons Peg and Cat to the White House to solve a problem of national importance! She needs Peg and Cat to identify a mysterious object floating in space. Using their problem-solving skills, the duo discovers that a giant opera-singing pig is on a collision course with Earth. Can Peg and Cat save the planet from disaster?

“PEG AND CAT SAVE THE WORLD” will be available on DVD May 23, 2017.

About Peg + Cat

Each PEG + CAT adventure features a story in which Peg and Cat encounter an unexpected challenge that requires them to use their math and problem-solving skills to find a solution. While it teaches specific math lessons, the series also emphasizes the importance of resilience and perseverance.

In February, “Peg + Cat: Save the World” was awarded a prestigious Kidscreen Award for “Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie” in the preschool programming category. In addition, when the nominations for the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards were announced, PET + CAT was nominated for five awards, including: “Outstanding Pre-School Children’s Animated Program,” “Outstanding Writing in a Preschool Animated Program,” “Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program,” “Outstanding Music Direction and Composition,” and “Outstanding Original Song” for “Fairy Tale Wedding.” PEG + CAT won for “Outstanding Writing in a Preschool Animated Program” and “Outstanding Music Direction and Composition.

PEG + CAT was created by Jennifer Oxley (“Little Bill,” “The Wonder Pets!”) and Billy Aronson (“Rent,” “Postcards from Buster”) and is a production of The Fred Rogers Company. PEG + CAT, which made its broadcast debut in October 2013, airs daily on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

Purchase Peg + Cat: Peg and Cat Save the World here!

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