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Operate Now

If you know anything about me, then you know I am a total geek. I love lots of nerdy things, including mobile gaming. I can spend hours gaming on my phone – and am not ashamed to admit that I have. There is no discrimination from me when it comes to mobile gaming, I love it all. Operate Now: Hospital is my latest mobile addiction, and I think you will enjoy it too. Below, you can enter to win an iTunes or Google Play Store gift card so that you can purchase some in game additions!

About the Game

Operate Now: Hospital, is a drama inspired medical journey, where you experience being a surgeon, building a medical team, and managing a hospital. In this realistic simulation game, your objective is to assemble a highly skilled medical team to perform operations on patients and to put your medical facility at the number one spot in the world. Scrubs and gloves at the ready!

It’s just like your favorite TV hospital drama, but it is you who is calling the shots:

  • Optimizing hospital resources and staff to create a world-class medical institution
  • Dealing with the everyday human drama that goes hand-in-hand with running a hospital
  • Performing complex operations

Operate Now: Hospital — slick, comic-book art style and stories that deepen the more you play, this game is irresistible.

Operate Now: Hospital is available for free on iOS & Android exclusively from Spil Games.

Giveaway Alert

Enter to win a $20 iTunes or Google Play card that you can use for in app purchases using the Gleam form below. Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!

$20 iTunes or Google Play card

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  1. I've only really played emulators through retroarch. My brother seems to really like/is addictted to clash of clans.
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  4. PizzaPizzaTacoKAT on
    Don't play mobile games, play real games. Just download an emulator and play some actual games.
  5. Mary Wagenbach on
    Fairway Solitaire USED to be my favorite mobile game but this past week they changed a lot of things and it is not fun any more. Prizes/rewards aren't as good and it's harder to just stay even and not have to spend money. Of course, that's probably why they made the changes in the first place! But if I see everything continuing to go downhill, I'm going to delete the game and forget about it.
  6. Samantha Martin on
    I like playing all sorts of things on my Android phone I had an iPhone 4 but an update killed it lol
  7. Daniel Buccine on
    It's hard to choose a favorite mobile game... But I think the Final Fantasy remakes are up there. For sure, the FIRST mobile game I really got into was admittedly temple run.

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