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Playing games with my family is one of my favorite things to do. We sit down at the dining room table at least four or five times a week to play them and are always looking for new games to throw into the mix. Recently we were sent Blast Box and I could tell right away it was going to be a big hit with my girls.

Blast Box

About Blast Box

APPROACH WITH CAUTION! Blast Box from Zing is a new balloon explosion game that combines both suspense and strategy for an unpredictable “burst” of fun!

Begin by blowing up one balloon for each player using the included inflator. Next, tuck the balloons under the Blast Box. Players then use the spinner (or the free Blast Box app, available on iOS and Andriod and loaded with fun trivia questions) to determine how many pins to hammer into box. BUT WATCH OUT! Players must choose their pin placement carefully or else one of the balloons will P-O- P and they’ll be blasted out of the game! The player to successfully avoid the explosion of air has mastered the #BlastBoxChallenge and is the winner!

blast box

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We played this game the day that it arrived. I knew it would be fun but I had no idea just how fun. Instantly, we all forgot about anything that was going on with our lives and became absorbed in the game. It was so much fun as we all were being nervous about where we stuck our pins, laughing out loud, and just having a blast together. This game is one of the most fun games we have ever played together. The suspense of waiting for the balloon to pop really brought us all together. I cannot even explain how much fun it is, you just have to play it for yourself.

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Blast Box

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