I run my girls around a lot – and I know this is only the beginning. They both do dance, but they are on different nights so it is a lot of time out of the house. In order to pass the time in the waiting room, I often pull out my phone and do some mobile gaming. There are a few that I really like but I am always up for a new game to try out. Elephant Mouse, the independent game publisher of the iOS hits Star Trek™ Rivals and Archetype, recently released the colorful and clever endless climber game, Twisty Sky, for iOS. The game, which requires both puzzle solving and quick reflexes, is available as a free download on the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. My daughters love playing this just as much as I do.

About Twisty Sky

In Twisty Sky, players climb a colorful, infinitely high tower by swiping blocks to line up ladders before the evil Goonswarm monsters get them. The game features 25 cartoony characters that can be unlocked, each with unique visual effects, sounds and engaging personalities, making the race to stay ahead of the Goonswarm even more high stakes—no one wants to let a cute climbing dog, a helpless hen or a delicious slice of cake get taken down by the bad guys!

As the action gets more and more frantic, players must swipe tower blocks above and below their avatar to disconnect ladders and leave the Goonswarm behind. Gamers can spin windmill blades, arm oversized boxing gloves, activate conveyor belts, and more to thwart the never-ending waves of Goonswarm.


  • CLIMB ever higher by swiping tower blocks to line up ladders before the nefarious Goonswarm catch you!
  • PLAY as one of over 25 oddball characters, with different visual effects, backgrounds, sound effects and more.
  • SWIPE to spin windmill blades, activate conveyor belts, trigger boxing gloves and more to send the Goonswarm flying!

Download Twisty Sky here!

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