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One of my daughters’ favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings is turn on Netflix and watch a couple of their favorite shows. They were thrilled see yesterday (4/1/17) that there was BRAND NEW DinoTrux to watch! Season 4 was released on Netflix on Friday, March 31st, and they could not wait to watch it all! They were bummed when it was time to turn the TV off and do some chores because they had “only watched 4 new episodes”. I think I know what they will be watching over the next few days!

DinoTrux is a show that all of us in the family love – myself and my husband included! I enjoy watching the dinos solve problems using their tools while being true to themselves. This show really teaches my girls that can be friends with others who are different than them – and I absolutely love that. We have many of the toys and my daughters like to reenact the episodes that they watch. This is a show that they even watch with their older cousins and friends – it reallhy is fun for everyone!

Season 4 Synopsis

Creators Ron and David hail this as the most exciting season ever! The Mechazoic world gets a lot bigger. Ty, Revvit and the gang go all over the place rescuing trux from exotic islands, snow covered mountains, icy frozen seas and even inside a volcano! They ski, they skate, they even get to fly! It’s a season you can’t miss!

There are so many new Dinotrux this season, it’s hard to choose a favorite. I like Snowblazer best. She’s a kooky Plowasaur who lives with a pet rock in a snowy cave in the high mountains.” – Ron

I’m going to say the giant flying Pteracopters are the coolest. And they’re a little afraid our fierce new laser-eyed Stealth Scrapadactyls.” – David

The Dinotrux face the biggest and baddest challenges yet in all-new episodes of DreamWorks Dinotrux! When D-Structs teams with other villains, Splitter, Blayde, and Pounder, the Dinotrux must enlist the community and use their smartest builds to keep the crater safe! But after an even more enormous threat comes to the crater, Ty & D-Structs must put their differences aside and work together!

Watch DinoTrux on Netflix Now!

Dinotrux Easter Basket

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DinoTrux Easter Basket


  1. Darla Peduzzi on

    We celebrate Easter with having a family dinner and an Easter Egg hunt. This year should be a lot of fun for our 4 year old grandson.

  2. Gina Ferrell on

    We are celebrating Easter this year with a family dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt. We will also be dying Easter eggs and baking Easter cookies and making an Easter Bunny cake.
    This prize would be perfect for my Godchild because he loves dinosaurs and trucks.

  3. Amber Ludwig on

    We are doing brunch at our house for hubby’s family and dinner at my Mom’s that night!! I will do a little egg hunt for my son too!!

  4. Regina Elliott on

    I will be hosting Easter dinner at my house and all my boys hopefully will make it home and I get to spend day with granddaughter Luci and hide Easter eggs

  5. Michelle Duffey on

    We do a family dinner and the kids get baskets and have egg hunts. My favorite is a tie between Ty and Rivet.

  6. Susan Hartman on

    We are going to my niece’s house for Easter. There are quite a few children there and there’s an egg hunt. Good times.

  7. We are celebrating Easter this year by having family over to our house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt for all of the kids!

  8. We are just going to celebrate Easter at home this year. I plan on dying eggs with kids and then hiding them in our yard for them to find. 🙂 I also always watch It’s Easter, Charlie Brown! One of my favorites since I was a kid.

  9. Karen Propes on

    My favorite part of Easter is sunrise service at church. Going every year just makes the rest of the day meaningful.

  10. Because our families live so far away, my husband, daughter and I go to my best friend’s mother’s house. It’s lovely! Her mom is a retired caterer, her brother is a chef and my friend is the best baker in the world. We all dress up and have lunch in the garden with Easter egg hunts for the littles.

  11. One of my favorite Easter traditions is to get all dressed up! I ordered my dress this year and have my hat, but I need to get a dress and hat for our three year old daughter this weekend.

  12. Karen Propes on

    We always have an Easter egg hunt for all the nieces and nephews and grandkids. They love it so much!.

  13. I love going to my friend’s mom’s garden for lunch for Easter. THis time of year her garden is brimming with beautiful blooms and fruits on the trees. It’s paradise!

  14. Karen Propes on

    This will be our youngest Grandson’s 1st Easter and we are all excited to see how he will react to the egg hunt.

  15. Karen Propes on

    We love going to Church on Sunday, it is usually packed, love to see old friends that come back into town for Easter.

  16. Karen Propes on

    I’m making a lot of the candy for the Easter Baskets this year and for the families. I love candy making. I took classes a long time ago and have made it ever since.

  17. Karen Propes on

    For Easter, we are going to have a little reading time to read to the kids about what Easter is all about.

  18. Karen Propes on

    We will be hosting some old friends that called last night saying they would be able to join us. This really makes my heart sing.

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