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Fracture Glass Prints

I love taking photographs. It is something that I really enjoy doing in my free time. I also love being surrounded by photos of my beautiful family. In every house I have lived in, we have a wall dedicated to family photos. I like to select different size photos and different frames for them. But let’s me honest, frames can be a hassle. I hate having to open them up to put the pictures in and then close them again. Depending on the type of closure, it can really tear up my fingers – and sometime the closures break, essentially making the frame useless. I recently discovered Fracture and now there is no going back!

Fracture Glass Prints

With Fracture, you easily submit your photos online, select the size that you want, and they handle the rest. Within a couple weeks (at most) you will have gorgeous glass prints of your photos to hang up. They truly make your memories last a lifetime. My little sister recently got married and what better gift than some Fracture prints? I went through her online gallery and selected a few that I knew she would love. For just under $200 I was able to send her a wide variety of sizes and photos to hang on her wall. Talk about surprised when they arrived! She called me so excited to hang them up!

Fracture Glass Prints

Fracture prints make a great gift for anyone – and for any occasion! I have several prints from my numerous Disney World trips hanging up in my office, as well as some from weddings. I gave my mother-in-law a Christmas photo of the girls on glass for the holidays this year and she loved it. The quality is incredible when it comes to Fracture. I know that I have nothing to worry about when I order from them. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Fracture Me

About Fracture

Taking pictures is great. Printing pictures can be time consuming, overwhelming, and not all that fun. Fracture was founded around a simple idea: there should be a better way to print and display your photos. Fractures are different from traditional pictures and frames. Instead of printing on paper, we print directly on glass. Instead of separating the picture, frame, and mount, a Fracture combines all three into a beautiful, lasting, final product. Our process is simple: upload your photo, place your order, and in a few days you’ll receive your Fracture in our custom, environmentally-friendly packaging, ready to be mounted on your wall. We even include the screw. We make every Fracture by hand, in Gainesville, FL. We check every image for quality, and send them to you in our safe, environmentally-friendly packaging. Every Fracture comes with a Happiness Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. Don’t trap your photos on your hard drive or in the cloud. With Fracture, its fun, easy, and affordable to decorate your home, dorm, or office with pictures of your favorite people, places, and memories.

Fracture Glass Prints

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Enter to win a $100 Fracture Gift Card to create your own glass prints using the Gleam form below! Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!

$100 Fracture Gift Card

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  1. We have some pictures of our three year old daughter in the snow for the first time that I would love to print and hang. I love how these glass photos look!
  2. I will get photos of our 2 grandsons with our Golden Retriever who we had to put down in September. Very special pictures!
  3. Amber Ludwig on
    Id get some of my hubby's photography photos printed!! He's so talented but we never print anything!
  4. This looks like such a beautiful concept and product. I would love to have some of my old travel photos printed on glass-- I imagine that this would be a way to really make them come to life.
  5. Kimberly Flickinger on
    I would have baby pictures of my brother and I done for my mother, and our family photo that was recently done.
  6. We have a great picture of our daughter with her cousin. Id love to get it done for my brother and sister-in-law. I think these would make awesome gifts!
  7. shannon fowler on
    I would love to get some of our engagement photos on glass. This would also be awesome to do after our wedding
  8. It would be fun to have our wedding photos printed on glass and hang them next to our anniversary pics. Next year we will have been married twenty years! So much has changed! :)
  9. Susan Hartman on
    I've always wanted to redo my wedding picture. Its 44 yrs old and faded. Maybe I'll have a nice picture of my daughter & grandson done or a picture of my garden.
  10. We have many fun pictures of our pets over the years. They would be so much fun printed and hung together in a grouping.
  11. Probably a picture with all 4 of my great grandchildren since I don't have them all together in a pose.
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  13. Kimberly Flickinger on
    I would get our family picture done and baby pictures of my brother and I done for my mother for Mother's Day.
  14. Before we were married my husband and I studied in England together. I'd love to have pictures of that time printed and displayed in our home.
  15. Kimberly Flickinger on
    I would have baby pictures of me and my brother done for my mother, and I would also have our family picture which includes our four doxies done.
  16. Felecia Haygood on
    I would do my husband's foster parents as a gift since they died when he was a kid. Or our family photo. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
  17. I'd love to have some pictures of our daughter playing sports printed on glass. We have some fun pics of her skiing, swimming, playing soccer and trying golf!
  18. I want to look through more of my pictures and pick out some special pictures that mean a lot to me. Those I want to have printed also.
  19. I'd love to have some pictures of our grandparents printed. They were such amazing people, I want our daughter to know who they were.
  20. I want to do a nice picture of my husband's sister, who passed away this last Christmas Eve. He would like that.
  21. When my oldest turned 18 & was going off to college, I insisted on having a family picture taken. We all got dressed up and a photographer came to the house and this was the last picture I have of my family all together. That was almost 25 years ago already!
  22. Kimberly Flickinger on
    I would have baby pictures of my brother and I done, or a recent family picture done for my mother.
  23. Jerry Marquardt on
    I would like to have my family photos enlarged and put up in the family room. Putting them on the glass would be extra special.
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