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Portrait Innovations

I love getting professional photos of my daughters done. We have a wall of family photos in our home and I enjoy replacing them every now and then as the girls get older. Last holiday season, we got our photos done at Portrait Innovations and they turned out amazing, so I was thrilled when they invited us back for some Spring photos. They do a fantastic job – and will be our go-to place for family photos for sure.

Ivy and Lorie Portrait Innovations

One of my favorite things about Portrait Innovations is that they are great with kids. This time, in particular, my youngest was a little off the wall. Our appointment happened to be the morning of Daylight Savings Time where we lost an hour – which was totally my bad. But they handled her loopiness perfectly! They have countless stuffed animals and other ways to get kids to smile and sit nice for photos. At one point they pulled out bubbles and asked the girls to try to pop them. My girls thought that was a lot of fun and it really worked to get some great shots!

Portrait Innovations

Portrait Innovations has some great packages to choose from – and I love the way they go through the selection process with you. They pull up all your photos on a large TV screen and select 3 similar ones at a time to compare. They will do this until you narrow down to 30 poses. They will talk you through the photo package options and if that one is not for you, they help you narrow down to the next package options. There are so many great deals that they offer – and speaking of great deals, check out these Spring Savings!

Portrait Innovations Spring Deal

Spring Savings!

Portrait Innovations is offering their best spring special ever. The Spring 24 Portrait Package is only $19.99 plus a Free $100 16×20 Canvas with coupon found by clicking this link. Included in the portrait package is 1-10×13 Wall Portrait, 2-8x10s, 4-5x7s, 4-3x5s, 8-2x3s, and 5-5×7 cards, plus a high resolution CD with your favorite pose. And, you can save 20% on all additional purchases in studio. Portrait Innovations never charges sitting fees so bring the whole family. Appointments are limited so schedule your appointment today! Offer ends April 23rd, 2017.

Find your closet Portrait Innovations studio here!

Giveaway Alert

Enter to win a Portrait Innovations 6 pose photo package at a location near you using the Gleam form below! Remember, Portrait Innovations never charges a sitting fee so the winner will not need to purchase a session! Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!

Portrait Innovations 6 Pose Package


  1. Amber Ludwig on
    My son and my hubby!! My hubby is a landscape photographer so its hard to get pictures of him since he's always the one behind the camera!!
  2. Debbie Penney on
    I would take my hubby, Jim. I would also include my sister Brooke and her family, Bryan, Bryanna, Josh, Alex and Brady.
  3. Katie Bellamy on
    This is where we used to take my daughter when she was little. She's 7 now. Her brother is 4, and I've never got his pics professionally done. Poor 2nd borns!! Haha!! :) I'm so bad!
  4. Roxanne Moon on
    My hubby Roger whom ive never had photos taken with and our two kids who have also never had photos taken EVER :( this would be amazing
  5. Susan Hartman on
    I would love to have a picture of the grandchildren. Looks like they do lovely work. Lovely subjects!
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    I-would-IDEALLY-most-love-to-have-a-professional-family-photo-taken-of-us. That-would-be-ME,My-husband,-Our-5-adult-kids-(ages-almost-22-to-almost-30) Their-significant-others-for-2-of-them- AND Our-1ST-GRANDBABY-...grandson-Ashton-who-is-14-days-old-today. We-do-NOT-have-ANY-photos-of-even-my-husband-and-I-just-with-our-5-kids-even-over more-than-10-years-now-and-NEVER_had-a-professional-one-ever! One-of-our-daughters-now-lives-across-the-country-in-Florida=so-it's-extra-hard-to-get everyone-together-BUT-she-is-coming-to-visit-all-of-us-as-soon-as-she-can-so-she-can-meet her-1st-nephew,-so-that-would-be-an-amazing-opportunity-and-I-KNOW-it-would-be-sentimentally- Thank-you-for-this-opportunity. We-are-grateful-to-you-and-the-photography-studio.-to-even-have-a-chance.
    I-most-especially-would-like-to-get-a-photo-of-our-WHOLE-immediate-family.. if-that-turned-out-to-be-impossible-then-I'd-want-it-of-our-1ST-GRANDBABY-who-was-born-14-days-ago... and-with-his-mommy-and-daddy-too-if-I-could-convince-them-to-be-with-him-in-them.-haha.
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