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coney island caramel

I am one of those people that cannot get through my morning without a cup of coffee or two. If I don’t have coffee, I just cannot function. In order to get healthier, I have recently stopped using creamer and sugar in my coffee. It sounded awful at first but thanks to Brooklyn Bean Roastery, I have been able to actually enjoy black coffee. They have so many different flavors that I feel like I am still getting variety with my coffee. One of my all time favorite flavors is their Coney Island Caramel Coffee.

Coney Island Caramel

The reason this is one of my favorite flavors is because you get a small amount of the flavor in each sip, but it is not overpowering. I have told lots of friends and family about Coney Island Caramel and it is a hit with just about everyone! When you brew a fresh cup, the smell is intoxicating. I can almost smell it now as I write this. If you like caramel, this coffee is for you!

Coney Island Caramel

About Brooklyn Bean Roastery
We’re three guys from Brooklyn who love coffee. We grew up with an appreciation for quality, originality, and local pride, and we base our company on those values. What we’re saying is… we demand the best of everything and don’t hesitate to tell you what’s what. Brooklyn Beans Roastery is the first independently owned, single-serve coffee company using “Roast2Cup” technology, a process that ensures the best cup of coffee every time you brew. Not your everyday cuppa Joe, see?

Purchase Brooklyn Bean Coney Island Caramel KCups Here!

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Coney Island Caramel Coffee


  1. Mahdi Martin on
    I usually prefer Columbian or French Roast. Boring, I know. I've never tried caramel flavor though, so I wouldn't knock it.
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  3. Susan Hartman on
    I love mocha coffee. During the winter I will sometimes splurge on a peppermint mocha sold at coffee shops.
  4. We love coffee that smells so good! We use K-Cups and have a regular coffee pot. We like Regular Flavored coffee and hazelnut☕? Thanks so much! - Michelle Baker
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