Zoe Saldana Shares Tips on Marriage, Fitness, & Empowering Women


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While on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 last year, I had the amazing opportunity to sit down and talk with Zoe Saldana. This was a live set and because she was so busy filming, we only had a few moments with her (she was in full Gamora garb and looked AMAZING, by the way). Even though our time with her was short, my interview with her was one of the most inspirational few moments of my life. She stressed how important women’s health is and how we have to take care of ourselves, which is easy to forget when you are a busy mom. Ladies, we should come first!

Zoe and Chris

Immediately before we interviewed Zoe, we got to watch a scene of the movie being filmed. We all noticed that her and Chris Pratt were joking around and talking a lot. So of course, we brought up how it looked like they had a great relationship. She filled us in on why their relationship is what it is (and it warmed my heart a bit that they connect on a parental level).

We’re parents of wonderful little kid boys. We’re constantly bouncing back ideas. He shares with me how Ana is handling being part of a family that’s a traveling troop – and she has to also work. I share that experience. My husband and I have to make these ultimate sacrifices because one of us has to travel with work and the other one is like okay I’m working remotely with you – because at the end of the day [the goal is]to not be apart. Then [Chris and I] also compare what kind of fitness things we’re doing lately to what we ate.” Anyone can see that the two of them are in amazing shape. They both take great care of themselves, which is definitely important.


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Being a Kick Ass Role Model

Zoe Saldana has been in a lot of movies recently, and she takes on a lot of different types of roles. When asked which types are her favorite, she stated that she likes sci-fi (like Guardians of the Galaxy) but then went on to make me proud to be a woman. “I think that for females, we need much more diverse examples of professions – [so] it’s not so internal and dramatic. I think that as women, we need to be a little more physical. It’s better for our health. It helps our sanity, too. I know I was a little girl starving to have more female heroes and I held on to the very few that were out there. Then I just had to become one because that’s what we do for our little girls, you know?

When she said that, I wanted to immediately go home and show my daughters what a true female hero is. I want them to not only look up to Zoe and her characters, but to me as well. Zoe lit a fire under my butt and really inspired me to be all that I can be, guys. And I don’t think I was the only one – I think all of us in that room were inspired by her, it would be hard not to be!


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2..Gamora (Zoe Saldana)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

Finding Balance

Just like all of us that were there with her, Zoe is a working mom. She seems to really be rocking it, so we asked her for some tips on finding balance with work, travel, and marriage. she didn’t hesitate.

Talk – talk about everything. No assumptions, no reserved feelings. Just last night – and I love sharing this because I know this is reaching good and insightful sources where people can get information and feel identified through all of our similarities when it comes to the challenges that we face, trying to live in one world where we get to have it all. Because why not, you know? We should. Anyways, just last night Marco [says]okay, I understand we’re super busy but let’s practice still connecting – conversations. I don’t care what we’re talking about. If you’re in the bathroom while I’m in the shower, let’s just share five things. It could be five anything – and I love that. You just have to constantly keep it open.

That tip has helped me in so many ways. Every day, I share five things with my young daughters, and five different things with my husband. At first, I had to make him share things with me too, but now it has become our routine, and I really do feel like we are staying connected and strengthening (or at least maintaining) our relationship by doing it. So thank you Zoe – you have no idea how much you truly helped!

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Staying in Shape

As I stated above, Zoe looked incredible. She just had twins guys – twins – and she looks amazing! Of course we noticed – and being moms ourselves, we had to ask her about her fitness routine. Zoe jumped at the chance to discuss it with us.

Not easy. It requires determination and a lot of discipline. I did not want to hate myself. I did not want to start fantasizing of what I used to be. I wanted to work with what I have. I gained 65 pounds. I’m not comparing myself to everybody but if my experience can be inspirational for you guys – I’m a killer. I don’t approach [it]like I’m going to start on Monday because Sunday we’re having the barbecue. No way, because to me it’s scarier to look at myself while I’m brushing my teeth and have 10 things to say about myself that I hate. I don’t want to live like that. We’re gifts. We’re unique. We’re special. We’ve got to work – we work for everybody else every single day. You work for yourself. Be self-focused – don’t compromise.” 

Eating Habits

She went on to explain that before family parties and get-togethers, she would be sure to eat a healthy dinner. That way she is not hungry and snacking on unhealthy foods. Her husband was also very supportive of her routine. “It helps a lot when you have a partner that is super supportive and understanding of the ups and downs – and compassionate and empathetic about the fact that you just went through a life changing transformation. It’s like you’re in the future and you’re going back to the past and you can’t get back to the future. You’re [screwed]. To have somebody that’s going yeah, but what do you want to do now that we’re here? It helps. So, find fountains of support. It’s very important.”


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2..L to R: Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Star-Lord/Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) and Drax (Dave Bautista)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

Gluten Free

Zoe also let us know that she has a mostly gluten-free diet which she highly recommends for health reasons. “We’re having a lot of problems with our hormones ladies, our thyroids, it’s what we eat. It’s not in products that we’re using. The enemy can live within – it’s about cleaning gut – it’s about fixing hormone levels – getting blood panels once a year after we become mothers – because we’re having very lethal reactions to gluten more and more. Our children are being born with celiac and I don’t know if there’s a correlation but I read everything. I have, I have Hashimoto’s –  I have an under-active thyroid. I’m on medication for the rest of my life. I want to be ahead of it. I don’t want to victimize myself. We’re 80% gluten-free. If I eat better, in that one moment where I get to cut loose – [I] realize also that [I] don’t go to the extremes.

Unfortunately that is where our interview had to end because Zoe was needed back on the set. I could have spent hours and hours talking to her. She was so sweet and nice – but also tough and inspiring. I have taken her advice to heart and am using it to improve my life and my health every day, and I hope you do too.

gotg vol 2

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  1. What an inspiring strong independent woman she is. I can see why this was interview was such a special moment for you even though is was short. Zoe seems to be very empowering and wants to see all women succeed and be excellent role models for our daughters so that they will also be strong successful women.

  2. She’s amazing, I love her and her acting. Her dedication for her work is just admirable. I enjoyed reading your interview with her, I think it’s awesome that she and her partner are working towards making their relationship last. She’s definitely an inspiration!

  3. she’s so fab;. i dont know but what i can see of her is a very strong person and very beautiful! i like her. she is an inspiration!

  4. What a great opportunity for you to do this interview. I love it how real she is about how much work it takes to maintain a body like that. It’s so refreshing not to hear someone claim they were just born with it! It does take hard work, but it’s definitely worth it!

  5. I love Zoe! She is so insightful. I love what she said about just constantly connecting and talking with your partner. It is so easy to let your relationship fall by the wayside when kids and careers take over life. You have to work at your relationship!

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