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The Cat in the Hat Space

My girls love The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That – it is one of their favorite educational shows. My husband and I love it too because they really do learn from it. I am blown away at times with what they tell us after watching a couple episodes. We all love space so we were super excited to get The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Space! We popped it in right away and we all enjoyed watching it (I even learned a thing or two). This series is great for young kids and parents alike.

The Cat in the Hat joins Nick and Sally who are exploring the backyard when something extraordinary finds them a flying robotic dog! The robot lands and does some exploring of his own, gulping up rock samples and photographing the Cat, Nick, Sally, and Fish before blasting off back into space! What was that thing? Where did it come from? Where is it going? The Cat in the Hat fires up his Space-ama-racer and whisks Nick, Sally and Fish off on a cosmic adventure in search of the robot. Their journey takes them straight to the Space Station where Astronaut Audrey introduces the gang to Space Rover her dog-like robot who s helping her explore the solar system. But no sooner is Rover refueled, recharged and relaunched into space when all of a sudden a beeping from the mission control room alerts them to a problem. Turns out, Rover has become tangled in some kind of space junk! The Cat in the Hat comes to the rescue, launching Operation Rover Repair. Now The Cat, Nick, Sally and Fish are off on a cosmic mission of their own to find Rover! Together, they survive a dust storm on the surface of Mars, rocket through an asteroid belt, and then narrowly escape being sucked into Jupiter by its huge gravitational pull! Ultimately, they hitch a ride on a comet that leads them all safely back to the Space Station, along with plenty of space samples, and stories and even a small souvenir that follows The Cat in the Hat and our crew back to Earth!

FREE Activity Sheets

Download these fun activity sheets for your little Cat in the Hat fans!

What Pet Simon Says

Horton Maze

Dr Seuss Bingo

1 Fish 2 Fish Coloring Pages

Green Eggs Crossword

Fun With The Cat

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  2. I would definitely share this with my three kiddos! I loved The Cat in the hat as a kid and it’s so cool sharing with my little ones now. 🙂

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