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My daughters have been doing dance for 3 years already – and they are only 4 and 5. Next year they want to join the competition team and I am totally behind that. The problem is, I am not very organized in general. I have multiple calendars around the house but I always forget to look at them. I am always nervous that I will miss a competition or double book us. My nephews are on several different sports teams – baseball, football, and basketball – and we try to go to a few of their games a year – but I can’t keep their schedule straight. So when I found out about TeamSnap, I knew it was something that I could use to get organized – and that my sister-in-law would love too!

TamSnap Roster & Schedule

About TeamSnap

TeamSnap is every coach’s, organizer’s and parent’s dream! It is super easy to use and helps you organize every aspect of team life – and I mean everything! From the team roster, to the schedule, to the team store, to its latest feature – assignments, they have everything you could ever need. Let’s face it, team life can be a logistical nightmare of wrangling schedules, practices, equipment, volunteers, and more. TeamSnap is a sports team management app that can change your life. It provides up-to-the-second information on where everyone needs to be and what they need to bring. Twelve million coaches, parents, team managers and players already use TeamSnap’s web and mobile apps to save their sanity and stay in the know through email, text and instant alerts – join them today!

TeamSnap Features

TeamSnap Features

I decided to set up a free trial of TeamSnap – and boy am I glad I did! I was shocked at all of the amazing features that they have available to truly help organize life for PTA moms, Team Moms, Club moms, and so on. Not only that, it is so easy to use! I was set up within a minute and ready to start organizing. It is totally free to set up your team website, and like I said, it takes less than a minute. Once that is set up, you can easily manage your team roster, add upcoming games to the schedule, communicate with other team parents, share photos, and even collect team fees! One of my favorite features is that you can see what the weather forecast is for upcoming game days – as well as the team record – right on your home page.

TeamSnap is available on your computer, tablet, and smartphone and the plans range from free to just pennies per team member per month. Best of all, there is no commitment. So if you don’t like it (which I can’t imagine happening), you are not committed to using it. TeamSnap saves coaches, organizers and team managers hours per week – and takes a lot of stress away too. There is a reason why TeamSnap is the No. 1 management app and software for coaches, managers and organizers.

Sports teams aren’t the only ones who can benefit from TeamSnap – so can PTA members, extracurricular clubs, and more. Life is busy and stressful enough without trying to keep everything straight – so let TeamSnap save your sanity and keep you organized so all you have to do is enjoy the game!

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  1. Don't you just love this app?! I could totally see using it for so many other events too. Like getting all your girlfriends' schedules in one place to schedule a girl's night out!
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