Why Boise POLARIS Premium Paper Makes All The Difference in Your Home Office


Boise Polaris Paper

Between me working from home and my daughter’s school projects, we use a lot of printer paper. My youngest daughter is only 4 and not in school yet and we work on her letters, math, and writing at home. To help me do this, I print a lot of materials. Not to mention all the coloring pages that my girls insist of printing out (on a daily basis!). I have learned the hard way that choosing the right printer paper for the task at hand is very important. You can’t just stick any old paper into your mobile printers and expect great results. If you choose the wrong paper you can end up with ink bleeding through to the other side (or your desk or table), jammed paper, smudged paper, and even ripped paper. That is why I have teamed up with Boise POLARIS Premium Paper to help you discover the right paper for the job.

As a mom, this brand of paper has me over the moon for many reasons – one of which is that each ream has Box Tops for Education. My daughter’s school collects these and kids can earn extra gym time by turning in the most each month, so having our steady stream of paper help her out with that makes us both happy. Another reason I love this brand is that when I print school work or contracts, they look professional. Clear printing, nice feeling paper, and no smudges, no rips and tears, and no bleeding through.

Boise Polaris Paper

The first time I opened up these reams of paper, I could instantly tell that they were far superior to any paper I have used in the past. They are thicker and smoother, making it near impossible for ink to bleed through. When I print contracts I like to print double sided to save paper – and some brands make that impossible since I can see right through them. Just comparing this paper to paper I have used in the past was surprising. Look at the photo above and you can see how the Boise Polaris paper is so much whiter than the other paper.

About Boise POLARIS® Premium papers
Exceptionally bright and highly versatile, Boise POLARIS Premium paper is paper you can trust when printing important documents that need to shine at all times. Whether it’s a client proposal, an important presentation, or your children’s homework, Boise POLARIS Premium papers ensure excellent document imaging and consistent results every time.

Boise Paper does more than print you documents smoothly and consistently – it is also Paper with Purpose®. All Boise POLARIS Premium Papers include Box Tops for Education – so you can earn money for your local school while also getting a great printed document. You can learn more about Boise’s Paper with Purpose mission here. Boise POLARIS Premium papers are also made in America and is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified – meaning it is made from wood fibers that came from a sustainably-managed forest.

Which Boise POLARIS Premium Paper is right for you?

Premium Multipurpose Paper

Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose paper

  • Perfect for printing general documents
  • Prints with radiant brightness for crisp images and text
  • 99.99% Jam-free performance guarantee that is certified by a third party – the reputable Buyers Laboratory, Inc.
  • Available in two different weights (20 lb. and 24 lb.) so that you can choose the heavier option when needed
  • Features ColorLok Technology™ to make the color pop off the page

Premium Laser Paper

Boise POLARIS® Premium Laser paper

  • Ideal for proposals and presentations with color charts and graphs
  • This bright white paper is engineered specifically for premium performance in laser copiers and printers
  • Optimized for two-sided printing with clear definition and minimal show-through
  • Great for external communications

Premium Inkjet Paper

Boise POLARIS® Inkjet paper

  • Best for documents with photos or flyers, certificates, and announcements
  • Essential when the printing calls for more vivid colors and bolder blacks
  • Dries faster with ColorLok Technology™

The goal is to educate readers about the different types of Boise POLARIS Premium paper, review which type of paper is best for certain tasks, and to promote the current $6/ream deal going on at Office Depot and OfficeDepot.com.

Deal Alert!

Starting in January and running through March 31, 2017, all Boise POLARIS Premium papers that are offered at Office Depot and OfficeDepot.com are just $6 per ream! Other reams are $10+, so this is an amazing deal! Simply click here to take full advantage of this deal, I know I am going to!

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  2. I like really white paper , paper should ‘work” great with our laser printer. So I really prefer a Boise POLARIS® Premium Laser paper

  3. When looking for paper I usually select the best deal I can get at the time, as paper can be pretty expensive. I do prefer Boise POLARIS® Inkjet paper however if I could always buy my ideal choice.

  4. We usually look for a great deal honestly!! Hubby has been printing lots of photos lately and that is a whole nother ball game!! The Inkjet paper sounds perfect for us!!

  5. The paper i choose depends on what i am doing with it i would use the Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose Paper, FSC Certified, Letter Size Paper, 20-Lb, Ream Of 500 Sheets the most

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  7. I look for thicker white paper that will not rip easily! I think that the Boise POLARIS Premium Multipurpose paper is perfect for me!

  8. I have a multi function inkjet printer. So I would use the POLARIS® Inkjet paper to get the best print quality from my printer.

  9. I would/could use the Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose paper.
    I love bargains, especially when I am constantly printing out small coloring books for them to have fun coloring when they come over.

  10. I look for a paper that has a nice brightness and isn’t dull looking. The Premium Multipurpose paper would work best for my family’s needs.

  11. I would probably stick with the Boise POLARIS® Inkjet paper. I have an inkjet printer so to me, that would be the most logical one to use.
    Also I noticed that they have Box Tops for education on the reams of paper. How great is this?? Giving something back to the school system!! Thanks for that!!

  12. I think the Boise POLARIS® Inkjet paper would be the best for me. I liked the comparison you showed above between the papers. I liked the Boise paper’s quality better.

  13. Susan Hartman on

    At the moment I look for the best quality paper without spending a fortune. Most of what I print is for my use but it has not always been that way.

  14. Susan Hartman on

    Right now most of what I print out is for my personal use. I therefore become very cheap and look for papare at a good price.

  15. I would use the Boise POLARIS® Inkjet paper.
    I have a question. If I order a couple or more reams of this paper through your link, does that mean I only have one hour to pick it up at the store?
    Because when I click the link, it said free one hour pickup. That’s not very long at all or did I read this wrong?

  16. Sherry Compton on

    I look for a nice texture that won’t be sheer and see through. I think the Multipurpose would be a big help to me.

  17. The Boise POLARIS® Inkjet paper or even the Multi – Purpose paper would be great for me. But I would probably look for the inkjet first.

  18. Lisa Coomer Queen on

    I would pick the Boise POLARIS® Inkjet paper. I don’t use much so I can choose quality on this.

  19. If all types of paper were the same, we wouldn’t need to pick. So I’ll pick the
    Boise POLARIS® Inkjet paper.

  20. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of coupon printing from home and the stores are getting really picky if their scanners can’t read the printed barcodes!
    So I would use the POLARIS® Inkjet paper to get the best print quality to achieve this goal.

  21. Jerry Marquardt on

    I like the Card Stock and Plain White Paper the most of all fine Boise products. I look for quality and reasonable price for better quality product .

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