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Monopoly has always been one of my favorite games to play with my family. I grew up playing it and we now play with our young daughters. My husband and I each team up with one of them and we could play for hours (and have). They love it! My 5 year old really enjoys being the banker – and both girls love selecting the token they want to be. That has always been one of their favorite parts of playing – picking their tokens – and it has always been the same for me too. We have the Token Madness game from Hasbro and it has been great having more tokens to choose from! Although, the Scottie Dog is still a favorite (and can cause arguments) – but now he is in jeopardy. Yesterday, Hasbro announced the Monopoly Token Madness Vote (#MonopolyVote), which leaves the fate of all eight current and classic Monopoly tokens – including the Scottie Dog – in the hands of the fans for the first time.

From January 10 – 31, fans can head to to choose eight tokens they’d like to see in the next Monopoly game from a list of 64 tokens, including the current eight tokens and 50+ new contenders such as a bow tie, sliced bread, t-Rex, sneakers, and more! This is the first time all eight tokens could get voted out of the game. The winning tokens will be announced on World Monopoly Day, March 19, and the fan-picked tokens will be updated in the Monopoly game hitting shelves this August.

Monopoly Fun Facts

  • When Charles Darrow developed the MONOPOLY game in 1933, players used small items from their homes, including pennies or buttons, to track their journey around the game board – but Darrow’s young niece had a better idea. She suggested Darrow use charms like the ones on her charm bracelets to serve as the iconic tokens fans know and love today.
  • The original tokens represented familiar items from 1930s America, including an iron, purse, lantern, racecar, thimble, boot, top hat, battleship, cannon, and rocking horse. In 1943, when faced with a metal shortage during World War II, wooden tokens were substituted until 1945, when the metal tokens were brought back into the game.
  • In the early 1950s, the lantern, purse, and rocking horse were replaced by the wheelbarrow, Scottie dog, and horse and rider.
  • Since its inception, more than 20 different tokens have made their way into the MONOPOLY game, and today’s line up of tokens includes the Scottie dog, wheelbarrow, cat, racecar, thimble, shoe, top hat, and battleship.

New Tokens

A sample of the more than 50 new tokens includes:

  • Bunny Slipper: MR. MONOPOLY knows how to wear a sharp suit – but that doesn’t mean it’s all he wears! Sometimes all MR. MONOPOLY wants is a little rest, relaxation, and soft, cozy bunny slippers. Will the fuzzy footwear MR. MONOPOLY knows and loves find its way into the game?
  • Rubber Duck: After a long day in the office, MR. MONOPOLY can’t wait for a soak in the tub – but no soak’s complete without his favorite bubble bath companion, the rubber duck! MR. MONOPOLY character’s post-work pal is eager and ready to make a ‘splash’ in the vote!
  • Mr. M Emoji: For a tech-loving entrepreneur like MR. MONOPOLY, a self-portrait doesn’t cut it: He needs his own Emoji! Could using the likeness of Mr. M give players a leg up on the competition? It may be superstition, but fans may think it’s worth a shot…
  • Penguin: MR. MONOPOLY appreciates a good tuxedo, and the only one who can wear a tuxedo (almost) as well as Mr. M is the stylish, adorable penguin. Will MR. MONOPOLY be replacing his “sidekick” with this new fashionable pet penguin?
  • Racecar: Since the 1930s, MR. MONOPOLY has taken his racecar out for some action-packed adventures, but is the old roadster getting rusty? Is it time to put a new, flashier ride into his garage?
  • TV: MR. MONOPOLY is a cultured man, with a love for history, literature, and old-fashioned films. While he spends most of his time investing, he does savor those rare moments where he can recline and unwind. Will fans help MR. MONOPOLY sprinkle more entertainment into his life with a vote for the new TV token?
  • Watch: How did MR. MONOPOLY celebrate the return on his first investment? A classic, high-quality watch that he still wears to this day. Is it time for this memento to enter the MONOPOLY game? Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Only time will tell.
  • Wheel: MR. MONOPOLY may be successful, but he doesn’t rest on his laurels. In fact, he doesn’t even have laurels. Instead, he has a bronzed wheel that serves as a constant reminder of the importance of innovation and creativity. Will that symbolic token inspire future MONOPOLY entrepreneurs to vote it into the new game?
  • T-Rex: In his spare time, MR. MONOPOLY attends archaeology summits around the world, and has a fascinating fossil collection that features a tooth from the mighty Tyrannosaurus. Roar if the T-Rex has your vote!
  • Private Jet: As a busy man, MR. MONOPOLY doesn’t have time for traffic – that’s why he bought a new, private jet, equipped with a basketball hoop and a popcorn machine. Will the private jet land among the top tokens this fall?
  • Bowtie: With a snazzy top hat and a trendy tuxedo, MR. MONOPOLY is always dressed to the nines, but his signature outfit is hardly complete without the dapper bowtie fans know and love. Is it time to bring this wardrobe staple into the mix?
  • Sliced Bread: MR. MONOPOLY stays inspired by great inventions of the modern world, including the computer, space travel, and of course – sliced bread! Will the carb that changed the world “Pass Go” in this year’s vote?
  • Campfire: While he enjoys great success, sometimes MR. MONOPOLY needs to get away from it all with campfires in the woods. Whether it’s relaxing in the forest or roasting up some s’mores, MR. MONOPOLY is one of Mother Nature’s biggest fans – but does she have enough pull to get the campfire into the game? With Mother Nature, you never know.

Current Tokens:

  • Scottie Dog: This tail-wagging terrier has been the MR. MONOPOLY character’s sidekick since the 1950s, but will Scottie have what it takes to get through the Token Madness Vote?
  • Thimble: The lucky thimble is a family heirloom for MR. MONOPOLY and has been in the game since 1935. While thimbles are no longer part of day-to- day life, this iconic token holds a special place in MR. MONOPOLY character’s heart.
  • Car: MR. MONOPOLY may work hard, but he knows how to play hard, too. Since 1935, he’s been fueling his adrenaline rush with his vehicle of choice: the token adaptation of a 1930s roadster! Is MR. MONOPOLY ready to trade in for a helicopter, motorcycle, or a fancier racecar?
  • Cat: In 2013, the MR. MONOPOLY character’s family grew by four furry legs with the introduction of Hazel the Cat, who was voted into the game by fans. Can Hazel scratch her way into the game for the second time?
  • Battleship: The battleship was the MR. MONOPOLY character’s vessel for his first round-the- world trip. While he’s traveled and toured many times since, the Battleship circa 1935 reminds MR. MONOPOLY of wild adventures from the past.
  • Hat: No one can pull off a Top Hat like MR. MONOPOLY! Since 1935, he’s been making a dapper statement. Is it time for Mr. M to ditch the top hat and get a stylish new makeover?
  • Wheelbarrow: How does MR. MONOPOLY carry all that cash? A wheelbarrow of course! The Wheelbarrow, which represents the hard work that goes into building houses and hotels (a task close to the MR. MONOPOLY character’s heart), has been part of the game since the 1950s, but will it survive into 2017?
  • Boot: MR. MONOPOLY wasn’t born with a silver spoon; he climbed the ladder through years of hard work. He keeps his old work boot – modeled after the working shoe of the 1930s – to remind him of his journey. Is MR. MONOPOLY ready to trade in the old work boot for a kick-back- and-unwind pair of flip flops?

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