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My favorite thing about the monthly subscription box Loot Crate, is that it has several different boxes – LootCrate, LootWear, & LootPets are my favorites – and I get them each month. They also have LootCrate DX, LootAnime, and LootGaming. The December 2016 Loot Crate theme was REVOLUTION and below are the items that each of my boxes included.

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Exclusive Assassin’s Creed Aguilar Funko Pop! (Licensed by Ubisoft, made by Funko)
Aguilar (played by Michael Fassbender in the Assassin’s Creed film) fights against the oppressive Templars as an assassin in 15th century Spain and now he can fight agaisnt tyranny on your display shelf in the form of this EXCLUSIVE POP! Take a leap of faith and check out Assassin’s Creed in theaters starting December 21st.

Exclusive Firefly Independents Patch (Licensed by Fox, made by QMx)
Show the world that you’re still flying when you apply this EXCLUSIVE patch – based on the original art files made by Firefly graphic designer Dylan Hay-Chapman – to your favorite brownish colored coat or bag!

Exclusive Mr. Robot FSociety T-Shirt (Licensed by NBCUniversal, made by Loot Crate, Inc)
Hello, Looter. Join in the crusade to take down Evil Corp and the rest of the top 1% of the top 1% alongside your fellow vigilante hackers with this tee available exclusively to revolutionaries like you!

Exclusive Figure Fantasy Hardcover Book (Made by Insight Editions)
In this EXCLUSIVE hardcover Looter Edition, photographer Daniel Picard shows off Sideshow Collectibles figures, featuring some of the biggest names in pop culture, rebelling against expectations in the scenarios ranging from the epic to the everyday. Includes a foreward by Simon Pegg and an afterward by Kevin Smith.



Exclusive Rick and Morty Snowball Pet Blanket (Adult Swim)
Aw jeez, Looter, d-don’t you wanna enhance your pup’s sleep experience with this superior, uh, blanket technology featuring Snuffles-er, Snowball from Rick and Morty? We promise your dog won’t use it to lead a coup and then leave the dimension, Looter.

Warriorz Plush (ZippyPaws)
All great revolutions need heroes so we’re giving you one of five strong, stuffing-free Warriorz plush toys to win the day! Will you get the Gladiator, Ninja, Heroine, Archer, or Knight?

Exclusive Hacker-snacks.exe Beef Dog Treats (Loving Pets)
Rise up against the forces of mediocre taste with these delicious beef dog treats, packed with everything your fuzzy best friend needs to start a revolution! NOTE: “Revolution” may involve trying to catch their own tail.

Invader Zim Dog Bandana (Nickelodeon)
Need a rebellious new look? This stylish bandana features GIR, Zim’s sidekick, who tries to help start an alien invasion (poorly), and you dog neeeeeds it! It need it or it will explode! That happens sometimes.

Exclusive Loot Pets First Anniversary Pet Charm (Loot Pet Labs)
It’s important to remember where you’ve been so you can get somewhere new and exciting! This month’s charm celebrates Loot Pets’ one year anniversary!

Loot Wear

Add some creepy to your closet with the Loot Wear HORROR collection! Whether you’re a dark yet sensitive loner or an undead social butterfly, you’ll love this delightfully spooky apparel!

Loot SocksNightmare Before Christmas Socks: What’s this, what’s this? You’ll think it’s Christmas when you put on these adorable Jack Skillington socks featuring the frightful Oogie Boogie!

Loot SocksThe Walking Dead Socks: You can walk around the dead walkers in these imposing socks! You should also probably wear shoes. For safety.

Loot WearableAlien Wearable: At Weyland Yutani Corp., they care about building better worlds. At Loot Wear, we care about building better clothes! Enjoy this shirt, while you still can.

Loot TeeShaun of the Dead T-Shirt: You’ve got red on you. Here’s the plan: Grab the shirt, go to the Winchester, be the best dressed zombie in town and wait for all this to blow over!

Loot For HerEdward Scissorhands Reglan: While we don’t recommend this shirt for anyone with actual scissors for hands, we think you’ll love this reminder of the beauty of imperfection.

Loot Undies – The Walking Dead Boxer Briefs: Carry all of the weapons you need to fight the undead…in your pants! These super-soft, ultra high quality boxer briefs will give you comfort in the dark times of the walker apocalypse.

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