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Having kids has really changed me. As most of you know, I have two young daughters, and because of this, I want to keep my home as safe as possible. We live in a city, a small city, but it is still a city. We also live near a college. The college kids don’t seem to come down our street too often, but they have done damage to homes in my area before. I love the idea of being able to see who comes to my door, or even who might be lingering outside and in the yard. Thanks to the Zmodo Torch I can, simply by changing my light bulb.

With my job, I get a lot of packages delivered to my home. There has been a rise of package thefts in this country lately and so having a way to watch over them has been great. I am out and about a lot and now I don’t have to worry about packages being stolen, my home being broken into, or anything like that. The Zmodo Torch was very simple to install. It is literally just a light bulb. The hardest part was installing the connected doorbell. The issues I had were because of my older house. It was built in the 1800s so the wiring was not great for the doorbell, but we got it worked out. We have only been using the doorbell for a few days now, but have been loving it! I particularly like how the light bulb doesn’t totally stand out unless you are looking for it. I love that you can change the color just like other connected lights – making this one a double whammy! The two in one audio also comes in handy when I just need to tell the mail man to leave a package on the steps for me. Overall, I am super impressed with how easy these were to install and how easy they are to use on a daily basis. If you have any issues, they have live chat and are always willing to help you solve them.


What Zmodo Has To Say
Home monitoring is as easy as changing a light bulb—literally. The Zmodo Torch is powered by your light socket, giving you instant HD video monitoring. It connects to your WiFi, allowing you to access your Torch from anywhere, at any time with the Zmodo app. Torch pairs with its connected doorbell, using Torch’s camera and the connected doorbell’s microphone to let you answer your door directly from your smartphone. See, hear, and speak to your visitors, even if you’re not at home.

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  1. I could really use this because I work long shifts and am not at home a lot. I would like to keep an eye on my home even when I am away.
  2. My Family and I live in an apartment complex, and over the Holidays there were "many" being my home. Now being violated, I feel the need to protect my home and my personal belongings! This would give me the confidence, put my mind at ease and be comfortable either when I am asleep at night, at work, on vacation, or just out for the day.
  3. I am a stay at home mom and my hubby works out of town a lot. This would really help put my mind at ease being home alone and leaving/coming home to an empty home!!
  4. jennifer bowen on
    this would be good for me so that I could see who comes and go's from my home since there are times i'm not home and well you never know what can happen so its some thing more that can keep you safe when your home as well as a way from home
  5. I live alone and have no other means of protection so it would really be helpful for me if I could see who is at my door.
  6. I need to win one as we dont live in a nice neighborhood. We have had everything from mail to even firewood stolen. We have unknown people approaching.
  7. Would be good to have to be able to monitor what is going on around outside of our home. My neighbors home got broke into about six months ago.
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  9. I really REALLY need this for my parents home..they live in the country..and have had 6 break ins in two sad. The sheriff does nothing. They are elderly and live in a nice area..sad what's happening in their neighborhood
  10. Oh. I could really use one of these we live out in the county, a rural setting and not a lot of houses not for miles. This would make us feel much safer here. I like this , it is a neat product , easy to use looks like and would be very easy to install. Thanks for the contest! Good luck everyone!
  11. I need this because it would make me feel safer when my husband is working night shift. It can get a little creepy sometimes being home alone, especially if I watched something scary on TV. I try not to do that though.
  12. This would help me feel a lot safer, I am home alone with my kids 90% of the time while my boyfriend goes to work and this would just give me a sense of security!
  13. Trisha Carlson on
    There has been a lot of break in's around our neighborhood and I would feel much safer esp when I'm home alone with the kids.
  14. We live in a horrible neighborhood now. It has turned awful wiithin the last 10 years. People are robbing all the time.
  15. Our neighbor hood is a mess. I wish we diddnt live here but we do, one of these wwould at least let us see who is coming.
  16. I would like it because we may be building a home on our family farm sometime in the (hopefully)not so distant future. This would be great to have because of the business as well as our home.
  17. I need one of these to see who is at the door and if it is safe and I want to answer. I would also know if I should bring the dog with me.
  18. I'm disabled and home alone a lot. I also spent a lot of time in bed so not only with this provide me with extra security it would also allow me to see who's at my door and decide whether not I want to answer it I think the remaining bed
  19. amber lee kolb on
    Home monitoring is so important these days. I live in Bay City, MI and the crime rate has skyrocketed as the availability of jobs has decreased. Businesses are closing (we just lost our Pizza Hut and our mall is deserted). I would love to have this to protect my family and keep an eye on everything. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!
  20. Renee Rousseau on
    I think the Zmodo Torch Pro is a perfect example of technology for greater good! I need one to help keep my home and family safe.
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