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Power to the picky! When we were young, we wore our pickiness like a badge – eat a sandwich with crust still on? Forget it! – but as adults, we sometimes lower our standards in the name of nutrition. Take protein powder – people often choke down gritty, bad tasting protein powder in their smoothies just because it’s “good for you.” Unlike other protein powders that can contain questionable ingredients and be gritty, chalky and, frankly, hard to choke down because they just don’t taste good, Orgain protein powders are not only packed with the most nutritious, highest quality organic ingredients but are also delicious.

Orgain launched a campaign with a fun video reminding people to “Get Picky with Your Protein.”

Orgain, makers of doctor-developed, high-quality nutritional products, today launched “Get Picky with Your Protein,” an integrated digital campaign that challenges us to raise our standards and to believe that protein powder doesn’t need to taste bad. “We celebrate pickiness because being picky means having high standards, something we seem to lose as we get older, especially as it pertains to things that are considered ‘good for you,’” said Orgain company founder, physician, and cancer survivor, Andrew Abraham, MD. “More and more people are reading labels and looking for clean ingredients, and we hope to inspire them to not only be discerning about the ingredients that are in their protein powder, but also about taste and texture – they can have it all!

Orgain Organic Protein Powder delivers clean, organic protein to build lean muscle and satisfy hunger for increased energy, endurance, and healthy weight management. Smooth and delicious without grit, Orgain Protein Powder provides 21g of organic, plant-based protein from organic brown rice, hemp, chia, and pea proteins along with 5g of organic fiber and no added sugar. Orgain Organic Protein Powder is USDA certified organic, gluten-free, soy free and non-GMO and made without artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives.

About Orgain
Founded in 2008, Orgain® makes delicious organic nutritional products including nutrition shakes, protein shakes, protein bars, and protein powders to help people lead healthy, vibrant lives. Orgain was created by Dr. Andrew Abraham, who personally experienced the difference that high-quality organic nutrition made during his cancer treatment years ago, which inspired him to develop products for active people in need of great-tasting wholesome nourishment on the go. Available online and in 30k stores nationally, Orgain is perfect for busy lifestyles, weight management & fitness training/recovery. Learn more at

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  1. My son is the pickiest eater ever!! I would love to be able to get extra protein and nutrients into my sons diet!! I bet he would love Orgain!!
  2. I drink my husband's protein powder, it's ok. I would definitely like to try this, sounds much better than his.
  3. These would be perfect for me to use after the holidays are all over and I start to really get serious about loosing weight and getting in better shape for my third oldest son's wedding coming up in June of 2017.
  4. Lately I have always Been so tired and need a Bit of get up and go! Lol! I am hoping the protein in these delicious sounding drinks will help me get so much needed energy. I am so excited to try them.
  5. I want to try this because I am very picky and don't like the taste of most proteins. This brands says that it for people like me. I am curious to see if it is actually tasty.
  6. Cecilia Pipitone-Oliveto on
    My grandchildren's doctor wants my daughter to cut back on processed foods and feed them a more organic diet and I think this would be ideal.
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  8. I would love to try it because I'm starting to drink more protein and could use a protein that satisfy some hunger.
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