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As a new school year begins, parents everywhere are jumping back into the crazy back-to-school transition. Orgain has some organic and vegetarian protein-packed products for the whole family, students heading off to college, and moms looking for a great way to make sure their kids have proper nourishment to get them through the day.

  • Shakes: Orgain has the entire family covered with their Nutritional Shake and their Healthy Kids Shakes. With a delicious fruit and veggie blend, organic protein and 23 vitamins and minerals, the shakes help busy students keep hunger satisfied and is a perfect option for picky eaters.
  • Bars: The new Organic Protein Bars are a delicious high fiber, low sugar alternative to most protein and nutrition bars for the whole family. At only 150 calories, these protein-rich bars contain 10 grams of organic, plant-based protein, 6 grams of organic fiber and 5 grams of sugar.
  • Cold Brew Coffee: For busy parents looking for an extra boost of energy, Orgain also offers Organic Cold Brew Coffee + Protein made with Fair Trade Certified coffee. With 100 calories and no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives, this gives parents the coffee they crave with the protein they need.


My girls and I have really enjoyed the Orgain samples that we received. My oldest has brought the shakes to school and she said her friends were all asking her about them. To help you survive back to school time, on top of their amazing prodcuts, Orgain has 5 tips to help you!

  1. Include Protein in Your Breakfast Within  30 Minutes of Waking Up
  2. Consolidate Your Morning Routine
  3. Let Kids Drink Their Breakfast
  4. Don’t Get Hangry
  5. Eat One Meal Together


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Back to School Survival Kit from Orgain


  1. Nicole Anderson on
    My best back to school is to get everyone ready the night before. Have them pick out an outfit, get their baths, have their book bags ready to go, and lunches packed and in the fridge. Moms make sure you check those book bags for anything you might need to sign that didn't get handed to you. There is way less chaos in the morning if everyone is organized and ready to go. (Plus, if you miss something everything is still a go)
  2. Start getting plenty of sleep a week before and start getting up early and get that routine going make sure backpacks are ready,healthy snacks for after school.
  3. Those days are behind me. I remember slowing the summer action down a bit the week before school. No more late nights and more quiet time.
  4. Cecilia Pipitone-Oliveto on
    My daughter plans out the outfits for her two children who go to school like I did for her and her brother.
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  6. Susan Hartman on
    How I wish my girls were school age again. I'm a grandma! I do remember packing lunches, signing form, and picking out clothes the night before. Saves your sanity in the morning.
  7. My girls are grown but I remember getting ready the night before. Try to get the children in bed as early as possible.
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