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Brett and Girls

Being called a parent is a dream for many. Despite the huge responsibilities that come along with the title, it is perhaps the greatest fulfillment in life – but not until finances are factored in. Just like a cash-strapped government, a family without adequate finances is a nightmare. Therefore, proper utilization of available resources can save you in a sticky spot. Definitely, prudent financial management begins with rationalized financial discipline and the most important tip here would probably be avoiding unnecessary expenditure. So, whether salaried or not, these great tips will help you save money and take good care of your family:

Needs or Wants?

A saying goes that your wants might be completely different from what you need. Basically, needs are essential – can’t do without them. On the other hand, wants are desires that you can still kick well without. Let me bring the point home – do really need that giant screen TV? The answer to the question is probably not, but you might be able to decide otherwise depending on your monthly wage. For instance, with some good planning you can afford a quality healthcare and better education for the kids when you lose appetite for needless trappings. In order to save some extra money you might want to take a look at such sites as and discover the world of coupons which can be used in all the most popular stores such as Kohl’s or Target.

Let Your Kids Understand

Financial literacy is a great weapon in your arsenal against financial wastage. As an adult you should know this but your kids don’t. In fact, they are not even aware you can run out of money! Well, a fantastic way to start this off is teaching your children about finances. This way, you will not only save money but also their future. Most of the kids grow without such knowledge and the results are dire when they go out into the world and end up being very susceptible to overspending even on things that do not matter.

Go for Non-Expensive Expeditions

Family and fun are two different worlds yet always together. You are head over heels in love with your family and in order to maintain or liven up that love, having fun together is unavoidable. But fun doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! As a matter of fact, you can have fun free of charge or perhaps at low cost – one of the easiest ways to achieve this is setting out for outdoor events on or without invitation. Better still, ensuring a playful environment at your house will lessen the demand for expensive escapades!

Operate a Savings Account

On the outset, we mentioned proper financial discipline in order to save your finances. But discipline is no discipline until it is exercised. Wondering how you can get going on this? The moment is here – open a savings account and ring-fence it. Depending on the security of your job and of course the amount you take home, authorize your bank to automatically wire a certain percentage, perhaps about 20% of your salary to the savings account. But the wall to the account must be strong, so you might want to consider a 3 to 5 year fixed saving.

Get Your Hands on Some Tasks

Sometimes the demands of your job lead you to a situation in which you have to pay to get some things done in or around your house. If you are living alone with kids, it gets even worse. Oh, the pressure and lack of concentration… But actually, some of the tasks or services you pay for are not worth the money you dish out – there are things you can do yourself. With a little bit of organization and proper mindset, it is possible to find extra time and get down working. However, don’t overexert yourself – if it can fit well in your budget, go ahead and outsource! But if it can’t, roll up your sleeves and save a few pennies.

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