July PetGiftBox

We love Pet Gift Box! I enjoy getting to try out new treats and toys – and I know my pup, Khaleesi does too! This month’s box was themed “The Big Chill” and included lots of items that will help you pup stay cool this summer. Now remember, Pet Gift Box is not just for dogs, they have a cat version as well. One thing I really like about Pet Gift Box is that they always include the value of each  item (and total it for you at the bottom of the item card). This way you know exactly how much you are saving by subscribing to Pet Gift Box! Get your first box free here!

Pet Gift Box has a variety of toys and treats every month. I love it because we can try out new treats to see how Khaleesi likes them before we purchase them. Here is a breakdown of the items that were received in this month’s box:

July PetGiftBox

Life’s A Beach Ball $5.99 Value
Bring the joy of the beach home with this endlessly entertaining and timeless classic.

Brrr Bite Bone $12.99 Value
Soothing to the gums, this rubber bone is perfect for summertime play. Simply soak in water and place in freezer. Once frozen, your pup will be the coolest dog on the block!

Sandal Rope Toy $6.99 Value
This beach sandal will have Fido literally flipping and flopping with hours of tugging and chewing fun.

July PetGiftBox

Chillout Treats $6.99 Value
These wheat and gluten free chewy treats featuring lemon balm extract and lavender are perfect for changes in daily routines, separation anxiety, or easing tensions caused by thunderstorms or fireworks.

Fro-Yo to Go $10.99 Value
Made with real yogurt and delicious natural ingredients, this wholesome freeze-dried yogurt treat for your pup is convenient for out on the trail or on the go.

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