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I pride myself on being a total nerd, but I know nothing about Doctor Who. I know, I know. I think the main reason I have not started watching it yet is because I know there are a lot of seasons to catch up on if I enjoy it. But my loss is your gain, because I have acquired a stack of Doctor Who items that I will be giving away to one lucky reader! Some of these are exclusive items, so if you love Doctor Who, be sure to enter.

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Doctor Who Prize Pack

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  1. In my opinion anyfellow geek /nerd should watch Dr Who. The best part is there are so many seasons that you can have a mega marathon instead of only one or two seasons then you are stuck waiting.
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  3. You should watch Doctor Who because everyone who has ever played the Doctor does a great job...and he has great companions! AND because it's fun to see the current Doctor rock out on guitar!
  4. Chelsea Lindsay on
    I have no idea why you should watch it. I don't watch it, but a friend of mine loves it. I'm trying to win this for here.
  5. If you love sci-fi and epic adventures Doctor Who is the show for you! Great characters great character dynamic and best of all there is time travel!!
  6. HUGE Doctor Who fans here (My hubby likes 9, 10 is mine, and my daughter adores 11). There are few other sci-fi series a cleverly written as a combo genre (sci-fi, adventure, drama, comedy). Love the cheesy, heartfelt, and twisty storyline.
  7. I love Dr. Who!! Those are words I never thought I would hear come out of my mouth, but a year ago tomorrow my Mom passed away, she lived with us and I took care of her. I think my son wanted to spend time with me, he saw I was a little lost, so he decided we should watch Dr. Who together, I wasn't thrilled but I said O.K. and I am so happy I did. First of all I fell in love with the show but more importantly I get to spend that time with my son and we have this special "Dr. Who" connection now that's just ours! I'm not even sure what season we are on, but that time we spend watching together is the highlight of my week!
  8. It is a show the entire family can watch together, it is fun and exciting adventures. You travel along with the Doctor on many trips around the alternate world's fighting evil trying to save our world in our time. You may lose companions in one reality only to rediscover them in another reality. The Doctor changes appearance throughout the years, he may be old, young or middle-aged, and not always in the normal order of aging as we know it. You may have already encountered him in your life as a child, as did your mother, grandmother or perhaps your great-great-grandmother. He might be younger when you meet him than he was when your ancestors met him. One thing is certain your life will never be the same and it will never be boring.
  9. You should watch Doctor Who because IT'S DOCTOR WHO!!! lol...but seriously, there are a lot of seasons but you can start with where they brought it back on '05 with the 9th doctor, Christopher Eccleston. It is a bit cheesy that first season back but they really didn't expect it to last & so it picked way up throughout the years. My favorite is the 11th doctor :)
  10. You should watch it because it is the safest and easiest way to experience traveling through space and time with a witty and charming doctor.
  11. You should watch if you have ever been interested in time travel, companionship that defies everything, helping others, space exploration, exciting adventures, and aliens.
  12. actually start from the beginning of the restart episodes.... The David Tennant and Mat Smith episodes are the best!!!
  13. If you havent experienced Dr Who you really are missing out on a classic part of television. Watch the earliest and go from here although they are great one by one too.
  14. There are so many fun characters in this show! At first you might think, what the heck but soon you will be hooked!!
  15. Doctor Who is amazing! The stories are complex, some Doctors are hilarious (like Tennant), and it's time-travel!
  16. Can I join the group of people recommending Doctor Who? You have to watch it! It's amazing! My favorite series of all time. I love it so much and I'm sure you'll love it too. Just watch a few episodes. It may seem weird at the beginning but then you'll join the community of fans. I'm from Poland so I can't enter the giveaway but you may want to keep these things after watching;).
  17. You should watch because basically it is a classic from waaaaay back. It has changed over the years bu tis just as entertaining. Besides all the cool kids watch it :)
  18. You should watch because then you can go on adventures and never leave home plus pop your own popcorn and watch a great show.
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  20. Brandy Goodloe on
    You should watch Dr. Who because it is a show the whole family will find interesting. There is something for everyone. I didn't think I would like the show but my daughter was always watching it and I became hooked.
  21. This show is so cool the way it ties everything together. One tip I have is to watch it with the closed caption on, it makes it so much easier to understand!
  22. Stacy Comstock on
    Doctor Who is such a fun and quirky show with great characters and a pretty 'out there' story line. It will definitely grow on you even if you think the first few episodes are rubbish. Ten was my first Doctor and years later, he is still my favorite. Just watch it!
  23. I really hope if you decide to watch Dr. Who (which I highly recommend!) that you let us all know what you think!
  24. My niece told me which season and episode to watch first. I really enjoyed it. It has this combination of humor, drama, sci-fi, good characters, etc.
  25. Dr Who is one of those shows you have to see. It has twists turns and to me is almost at times like watching Willie Wonka mixed with a mystery show. Its just good- watch it!
  26. Wendy Rafferty on
    We are a huge Dr Who family! My son's fiance is the biggest fan of all! Love to find her special TARDIS gifts! Thank you for the awesome giveaway! These items will not go unloved!
  27. Christy Caldwell on
    You should start watching it so I can have someone to collaborate with. I've always wanted to start, but felt overwhelmed by playing catch up.?
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