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20+ Free Disney Coloring Pages, Activity Sheets & Recipes

Looking for some fun coloring pages, activity sheets, and recipes to print out for your little ones this summer? Look no further! I have rounded up some of my favorites that I have featured in the past. Enjoy!

Coloring Pages

Zootopia Coloring Sheets

Download Zootopia Coloring Pages Here —–> Zootopia Coloring Sheets

Alice Through The Looking Glass Coloring Sheets

Download Alice Through the Looking Glass Coloring Pages Here —–> Alice Through The Looking Glass Coloring Sheets

Finding Dory Coloring Pages

Download Finding Dory Coloring Pages Here —–> Finding Dory Coloring Pages

The Good Dinosaur Coloring Sheets

Download The Good Dinosaur Coloring Pages Here —–> The Good Dino Coloring Pages

Avengers Coloring Sheets

Download Avengers: Age of Ultron Coloring Pages Here —–>Avengers Coloring Pages

Cinderella Coloring Sheets

Download Cinderella Coloring Pages Here —–> Cinderella Coloring Sheets

Coloring Pages

Download Inside Out Coloring Pages Here —–> Inside Out Coloring Pages

Coloring Activities

Download Ant-Man Coloring Pages Here —–> Ant-Man Family Pack

Activity Sheets

The Jungle Book Maze

Download The Jungle Book Maze Here —–> The Jungle Book Maze

The Good Dinosaur Maze

Download The Good Dinosaur Maze Here —–> The Good Dinosaur Maze

Finding Dory Maze

Download Finding Dory Maze Here —–> Finding Dory Maze

Alice Through The Looking Glass Maze

Download Alice Through the Looking Glass Maze Here —–> Alice Through The Looking Glass Maze

Zootopia Hexaflexagon

Download Zootopia Hexaflexagon Here —–> Zootopia Hexaflexagon

Make a Hexaflexagon

Download Inside Out Hexaflexagon Here —–> Inside Out Hexaflexagon

The Jungle Book Hexaflexagon

Download The Jungle Book Hexaflexagon Here —–> The Jungle Book Hexaflexagon

nail art

Download Inside Out Nail Art Here —–> Inside Out Nail Art

Avengers Memory

Download Avengers Memory Here —–> Avengers Memory

Finding Dory Memory

Download Finding Dory Memory Here —–> Finding Dory Memory

Memory Game

Download The Good Dinosaur Memory Here —–> The Good Dino Memory Game

memory ball

Download Inside Out Memory Ball Here —–> Inside Out Memory Ball


Ant-Man Cupcakes

Download Ant-Man Inspired Cupcakes Recipe Here —–> Cinnamon Raisin Cupcakes Recipe


Alice Through the Looking Glass Recipes