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Life Animated

I recently was able to watch an extremely moving documentary. Life, Animated is well worth your time – and I highly recommend watching it. It was heartwarming and brought tears to my eyes a few times.

About Life, Animated
From Academy Award winning director Roger Ross Williams, LIFE, ANIMATED is the inspirational story of Owen Suskind, a young man who was unable to speak as a child until he and his family discovered a unique way to communicate by immersing themselves in the world of classic Disney animated films. This emotional coming-of-age story follows Owen as he graduates to adulthood and takes his first steps toward independence. The subject of his father Ron Suskind’s New York Times bestseller, Owen was a thriving three year old who suddenly and inexplicably went silent – and for years after remained unable to connect with other people or to convey his thoughts, feelings or desires. Over time, through repeated viewings of Disney classics like THE LITTLE MERMAID and THE LION KING, Owen found useful tools to help him to understand complex social cues and to re-connect with the world around him.

As a huge Disney fan, I understood a lot of this. I do not personally know anyone with autism, however, Disney has always meant something to me. I know it is nowhere near the same level, but it did hit home with me a bit. I really enjoyed this documentary and I think you will too.


The film is opening at the IFC Center and the Lincoln Plaza 6 in New York this Friday, July 1st just in time for the holiday weekend and will continue to be released throughout the country this summer.

Also taking place this weekend will be a series of Q&As with the Suskinds and producer Julie Goldman. These will take place after the following showtimes:

Friday 7/1, 7:05pm @ IFC Center w/ Walt, Cornelia and Owen Suskind + Producer Julie Goldman
Saturday 7/2, 4:30pm @ Lincoln Plaza w/ Walt, Cornelia and Owen Suskind + Producer Julie Goldman
Saturday 7/2, 7:05pm @ IFC Center w/ Walt, Cornelia and Owen Suskind + Producer Julie Goldman
Sunday 7/3, 2:45pm @ Lincoln Plaza w/ Producer Julie Goldman

Connect with Life, Animated
Official Website:

Giveaway Alert

Enter to win a copy of Life, Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism using the Gleam form below. You are entering to win a copy of the book, not the film.

Book Synopsis:
Imagine being trapped inside a Disney movie and having to learn about life mostly from animated characters dancing across a screen of color. A fantasy? A nightmare? This is the real-life story of Owen Suskind, the son of the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind and his wife, Cornelia. An autistic boy who couldn’t speak for years, Owen memorized dozens of Disney movies, turned them into a language to express love and loss, kinship, brotherhood.The family was forced to become animated characters, communicating with him in Disney dialogue and song; until they all emerge, together, revealing how, in darkness, we all literally need stories to survive.

About the Author
RonSuskind is the author of four New York Times bestsellers and the critically acclaimed, A Hope in the Unseen: An American Odyssey from the Inner City to the Ivy League. His other books include, Confidence Men, The Way of the World, The One Percent Doctrine and The Price of Loyalty. He was the senior national affairs writer for The Wall Street Journal, where he won the Pulitzer Prize, and is currently the Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Center for Ethics. He lives in Cambridge, Mass., with his wife, Cornelia Kennedy.

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Life, Animated Book


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  2. Amber Ludwig on
    I used to work in a mental health facility and intricate workings of the mind really interest me!! Id love to read this book!!
  3. I have 15 year old twin boys. They are 4 minutes apart. The youngest twin has Autism, so this hit home for me. He is so sweet and is just a joy to be around. I realized that something was really going on when he was 3 years old and could only say 5 words. He has been receiving support services since he has been 3. I have seen him blossom into a happy and responsible young man. He can communicate his wants now and he can write. I has him in CBI at his school (Community Based Instruction), where they go out in the community and learn from doing jobs. He told me that he wants to be a mechanic. I know I rambled on but I am proud of my son. He knows that he is different because the mean kids have called him the "R" word, but he doesn't let that get him down. He took the deck of cards he was given and works with it. I almost cried because that book really hits home for me. I am going to see the movie. I have to now. Even if I don't win, I will purchase the book.
  4. My son has an innocence and I just love it. If you told him to go fly a kite, he would go fly a kite. He doesn't know what sarcasm or idioms are. He would have no idea that you were telling him to go away. He has this simplistic innocence. He does understand things but he just gets understanding at a much slower pace than most. You just have to simplify things and really break them down. Other than that, he loves video games, loves his siblings/family, loves to sing, and will eat you out of house and home like any other teenager does. He's a happy young man and sees the joy in life. His Autism is mild and there is definitely spectrums and levels.
  5. Karen Nadeau on
    This sounds like a very interesting book I would love to read. I work in childcare and have been for over 20 years and any knowledge of children and their abilities would be great. I see many come and go and many back again visit. I love working with children and see them grow.
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