Everyone dreams of owning their own business. Bob, Susan and Kevin Jenkins, the Co-Founders of Southwest Beverages have done just that by offering better quality coffee and hot cocoa mix products to the consumer at fair prices – with Kemosabe gourmet flavored coffee! I was so excited to try this coffee because I am an on-the-go mama! From the moment I wake up I am busy feeding the girls, taking them to school, taking them to dance and other activities, and of course, trying to fit in grocery shopping as well. I barely have time to brew myself a coffee, so I need the quick and easy style of Kemosabe Gourmet Coffee. I will admit, I was a little hesitant – but all of the flavors I have tried so far taste great! Read on to get to know the company and then enter to win THREE boxes of Kemosabe Gourmet Coffee.

Kemosabe Coffee   Kemosabe Coffee

About the Company
Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Southwest Beverages manufactures and markets two brands of premium quality gourmet flavored dry mix beverages under the brand names, Sippity® and Sippity Lite® hot cocoa mix and Kemosabe® and Kemosabe Lite ® gourmet flavored coffee. Southwest Beverages was founded by Bob Jenkins, his wife, Susan and their entrepreneur minded son, Kevin. Bob, a 40-year veteran of the soft drink industry, has applied every aspect of the executive management experience he gained from working for Canada Dry, Dr Pepper, Cadbury Beverages and Snapple, to the development of Southwest Beverages. The company tag line, “It’s a DRY mix®”, is reflective of the company’s dry mix beverages and a “play” off of the most popular phrase associated with the climate of Arizona, “It’s a DRY heat”. The company logo depicts the Catalina mountains of Tucson as it back ground with its mascot cowboy, “Durango”.

All Southwest Beverages products have been carefully designed and uniquely blended into a ready-to- serve dry mix that contains all the creamer, sugar, flavoring and cocoa and/or coffee ingredients necessary for the consumer to simply add eight ounces of hot water to enjoy the ultimate hot beverage experience. All of our ingredients are premium quality selected from the best American suppliers. All of our products are passionately blended and hand packaged at our Tucson, Arizona manufacturing facility and shipped to the consumer with pride and care. All products are 100 % gluten free and 99.9 % caffeine free and are easily microwavable. To enjoy, simply empty one envelope into a mug with 8 ounces of hot water, stir, cradle the mug in your hands, then sip, savor and enjoy.

Southwest Beverages has an AMAZING fundraising program, too! For churches, sports teams, schools, and any other organization that wants to raise money, Sippity® hot cocoa mix and Kemosabe® gourmet flavored coffee are high quality products people LOVE.  The unique fundraising program generates 35 % profit margins and requires no up-front costs. To learn more about their Fundraising fund raising program click here.

To learn more about Southwest Beverages, in general, and to shop for your favorite Kemosabe gourmet coffee flavor please visit their website www.southwestbeverages.com.

Kemosabe Coffee

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Kemosabe Gourmet Coffee


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