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June Geek Fuel Featured

Geek Fuel is a subscription box that caters to geek, gamers, and nerds like myself. It is hands down one of my favorite subscription boxes out there and I am always excited to see what is inside. This month featured some Super Mario, Pokemon, and Sherlock items! Super Mario and Pokemon are big favorites in our house – so these were really cool to get. I must admit, I have never seen Sherlock (I know…) but I plan to binge watch at some point soon. I am, however, excited about the comic book that came in this box! If you subscribe to Geek Fuel here, you will get a FREE Star Wars bonus item!

Here is the break down of this month’s box:

June Geek Fuel 2

Geek Fuel Magazine
This comes in every box and I love browsing it! There are great geeky gift ideas and they also feature fans who post on Social Media using #GeekFuel. You can even check out some unboxing channels on youtube!

BIT Evolution Downloadable Steam Game
Every box also contains a downloadable game code – making this box a great option for gamers! These games are always fun! BIT Evolution is a journey into the past that draws inspiration from all of your favorite titles from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Travel through video game history with BIT, as he transforms from a simple 8 bit hockey puck, into a mob boppin’, platform jumpin’, pixel collectin’, pixel LEGEND!

Sherlock Manga “A Study in Pink” #1 Issue
A Geek Fuel exclusive! Sherlock manga from Geek Fuel is exactly what you need to fill your mind palace! If you use your excellent powers of deduction, you’ll notice that 1000 copies are rare varients that can’t be found anywhere else in the world! The game is on!

June Geek Fuel 3

Super 1-up Planting Pot
Geek Fuel exclusive! This is my favorite item in the June Geek Fuel box! I already have a plant potted in it, and it is sitting on my back deck. I love it! Brighten up your castle with this super planting pot! Good for flowers, mushrooms, or piranha plants!

June Geek Fuel

Turtle Trainer Stress Ball
Another Geek Fuel exclusive! Stressed out from trying to teach your turtle to say “Cowabunga?” Try using our Turtle Trainer stress ball to ease your worry. It’s Super Effective! There were four that geek fuelers could get in their box of course – Red (Raph), Blue (Leo), Purple (Donnie), and Orange (Mikey) – I got Raph and was so excited about it!

Pokemon Temporary Tattoo
Are you so excited for Sun & Moon that you just wanna shout? Say it louder with Pokemon Tattoos! These will look great with a summer tan.

Super Mario Ink Stamp
Leave your mark with Mario and company! Stamps are always handy when you need to mark your important Nintendo documents. There were four options with these as well – Luigi, Donky Kong, Mario, and Yoshi. I got Luigi!

Big League Pikachew Shirt
My favorite thing about Geek Fuel is that each month you get an exclusive T-Shirt – and they are always amazing! This month’s is no different. This shirt will have you shouting “I choose you!” on laundry day. Every Master keeps a fresh pack of gum in his pocket and this iconic shirt says you chew the #1 brand among trainers from Pallet Town to Indigo Plateau.

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