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May Geek Fuel

The May 2016 Geek Fuel had items from Deadpool, Uncharted 4, and Game of Thrones – so how could I not love it? This month blew me away with it’s awesomeness! Geek Fuel is by far my favorite geek, gamer, nerd related subscription box. I love that every single month includes a downloadable game code, an exclusive T-Shirt, and a fun giveaway.

This month’s downloadable game code is for a game called The Weaponographist. It is a high-speed, top-down dungeon-crawling arena combat game. You play as Doug McGrave, famous demon hunter for hire. Highest level, bestest gear, ruggedly handsome, and unrepentant jerk. For refusing to help a poor town plagued by demons, you are immediately, deservedly cursed. Your powers,your wealth, your weapons – all gone. To overcome the curse, you’ll need to clear out the dungeon using whatever weapons you can find. Fighting your way through, you are forced to sue the weapons and spells dropped by enemies, as they fall apart in your hands.

May Geek Fuel

From Uncharted 4, this box included two double sides mini posters. These are really fun and since my husband and I are huge Drake’s fans, I was excited about these! Inside the box was also Sir Francis Drake’s Lost Ring! Complete with a really cool ring box that looks like a map. I immediately displayed this on my bookshelf in my office. I love the Geek Fuel pint glass that was in my Geek Fuel this month as well. It will come in handy while I hang out on my new patio this summer.

May Geek Fuel  May Geek Fuel  May Geek Fuel

Inside the box was also a couple Deadpool items! A cute little Deadpool monitor mate, that is already displayed on my desk. There was also a Deadpool Ouchie Sketch – which is currently on the bookshelf in my office as well. The giveaway for this month was Deadpool related too! Since it came out on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD recently, several Geek Fuel subscribers were lucky enough to get a Deadpool Blu-Ray in their boxes!

May Geek Fuel

My favorite thing about Geek Fuel is the exclusive T-Shirt every month. I am a huge Game of Thrones fan so this month’s shirt was amazing for me. It says Lannister Estates Tyrion’s Vineyard with a goblet of grapes. It is fantastic! Tyrion is one of my favorite characters in Game of Thrones so this is going to be a shirt I wear often. Be sure to subscribe in time to join the fun for the June box!

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