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April TeeBlox

I absolutely love TeeBlox! Get your favorite licensed geek and gamer tees delivered every month. Only $9.99/month – for an amazingly awesome shirt in just about any theme you can think of! TeeBlox has many themes to choose including Marvel (which is what I got this month), DC Comics, Cartoons, Games, Disney, Beers & Liquors, Hot Meex, and Movies & TV Shows. They even have a kids size option! I like to change things up so I switch my subscription almost monthly. It is super easy to do – just log in and select another theme that you want to try out. There are no additional fees or anything. On top of the shirt, you get two other items – like a comic book, decal, sticker, or movie poster! Let your geek flag fly with TeeBlox!

April TeeBlox

I was super excited to see a Captain America shirt in this month’s box. Now, I might be Team Iron Man, but I am still a Captain America fan – how could I not be? I plan to wear this shirt a lot. I really love that it is the “old comics” style. I love the Marvel theme because I am a huge fan of Marvel Comics. The comic book I got this month was pretty cool too. It is part 1 in a 5 part mini series, and now I hope to find the other 4! Thanks TeeBlox!

April TeeBlox

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April TeeBlox

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  1. love this pack in marvel https://teeblox.com/checkout/535259d7-5d9b-4d5f-9d0f-553a458da900?cc=True&gift=False
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