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April 2016 Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel is my favorite subscription box because it is perfectly tailored towards people who are geeks and gamers just like me. I am a total nerd – and proud of it! The April 2016 box is one of my favorites (although the are all great) because of the shirt. I am a ridiculously huge Marvel fan (I mean my twitter handle is MarvelGoddess24) so of course, I have been looking forward to Captain America: Civil War since it was announced. I read all the comics and have for quite sometime making me pretty familiar with the story line. I was lucky enough to go to LA recently as a guest of Marvel Studios and screen the movie, walk the red carpet at the world premiere, and interview some of the cast – but those are posts for another time. The reason I am talking about this movie is because that was the theme of the Geek Fuel exclusive shirt this month. It features Captain America and Iron Man as Rock Em Sock Em Robots and it is amazing. I only wish my Geek Fuel had showed up about a week earlier so that I could rock this shirt in LA – but that is OK because I will be wearing it to see the movie opening weekend (yes, it is amazing, go see it!).

April 2016 Geek Fuel  April 2016 Geek Fuel  April 2016 Geek Fuel

Every month, Geek Fuel includes some sort of giveaway for their subscribers. This month it is Civil War themed. They provide a website to go to where you pick a side (Iron Man or Captain America) and enter to win a huge prize package. There will be two winners, one for each side. I love that Geek Fuel has fun contests like this every month. Besides the exclusive T-shirt and giveaway, every month Geek Fuel includes a downloadable game code. This month is for Fallen A2P which I am already addicted to! Take a journey through a post-apocalyptic world with this turn-based tactical strategy game in a quest for revenge and a search for the truth in how the world came to fall.

April 2016 Geek Fuel

Of course, no geek themed box is complete without a Star Wars item – and the one that Geek Fuel included this month is amazing! It is a Funko First Order Stormtrooper Bobble-head. I immediately unboxed it and put it on my desk – next to my Frylo Ren Mr. Potato Head. Some subscribers received a Flametrooper bobble-head. The final two items in the April Geek Fuel box were Doctor Who themed. Now, admittedly I am not a Doctor Who fan. Well, I guess I should say I have never watched it. I am sure that I would love it and it is on my “to watch” list, but there are so many seasons and episodes, I just do not know where to start. The first item in an exclusive Geek Fuel Coaster Set titled “The Doctor Travels Through Art History”. Sip on a cocktail and take a trip through time with the good doctor when you use these coasters. Each one features the famous time-travel machine in a piece of history’s art. The other Doctor Who items is a Doctor Who comic book. It is Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Year Two #1 and it features a Geek Fuel exclusive cover – oh and 1,500 subscribers received the Limited Edition Variant Cover!

April 2016 Geek Fuel

Every box also includes Geek Fuel magazine where they discuss geek news and feature photos of their loyal subscribers. This month was the third month that I have been featured on one of the pages! I plan to keep these magazines to show my daughters how cool their mom was some day. Overall, I was super impressed with April’s Geek Fuel. I don’t know how they out do themselves month after month, but they do. SUBSCRIBE HERE and get a free bonus item.

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