Kid-O-Bunk: An Absolute Must Have for Camping with Kids


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If you are an on the go family like we are, then I have a product that you really need to check out! My husband has every Monday off so we love to spend weekends away and take trips to visit new and exciting places. That means, this summer, we plan to do a lot of camping. But we needed something for the girls to sleep on – and discovered a must have for camping with kids that I want to share with you!

kid-o-bunk camping kit

The Kid-O-Bunk is Easy to Set Up

I was told about the Kid-O-Bunk by Disc-O-Bed, and I just knew they were something we needed to get for all of our plans! It is a portable bunk bed, that is great for kids on the go. When it arrived at our house, I must say, I was a tad intimidated. I mean, there were what seemed like so many pieces!

The instructions that came with it are very clear and easy understand. I was afraid that it was going to take hours to set up – but it took me less than ten minutes. And that was just the first time. After years of owning it now – and taking it all around with us each summer – it takes me less than five.

The Kid-O-Bunk can be used as two single cots, a bunk bed, or even a sitting bench.  I was pleased to see that it comes with two carrying bags that make storing and transporting it a cinch. My daughters love their Kid-O-Bunk. They say it is the most comfortable thing to sleep on when camping – and even prefer it over an air mattress. 


Room For Everything!

My daughters especially love the side organizers in the Kid-O-Bunk. They use them to store all their camping must haves: iPads, water bottles, stuffed animals, snacks, and, well, whatever they feel like taking with them.

“Kid-O-Bunk is perfect for stress-free sleepovers, family vacations when you don’t have enough sleeping arrangements, camping trips, overnight stays at the grandparents, you name it,” said Douglas Owen, co-owner of Kid-O-Bunk. “We’re a family business with success working with military and disaster relief organizations for over 25 years, and creating Kid-O-Bunk is an exciting and natural next step for us as a brand.” 


Durable Too!

We have been using this bunk bed when camping with the kids for nearly four years now, and it has help up wonderfully! If the kids do spill anything (they are kids, you know they will) or if you get any dirt on the cots,  don’t worry! They are super easy to clean because they are machine washable. 

The Kid-O-Bunk comes in many different colors, so your child(ren) can choose their favorite. I personally love that they can be set up as a bunk bed, or two separate cots. This is great when you have a large tent and room to spread out (and the kids don’t need to be literally on top of each other anymore).

We love to camp, and the Kid-O-Bunk made my list of our favorite camping accessories!


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