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Star Wars Bathroom Makeover

In our house we are HUGE fans of Disney! Frozen and Star Wars are two of our favorites from them and trust me, we love to show off how we feel about them. Every single time we walk out our front door my 3 year old starts belting the words to “Let It Go!” (I imagine this is because of all the snow we have here in Upstate New York but it could honestly be for any reason). When we went to Disney World in October, they were thrilled to meet Anna & Elsa (and OK mommy was too). I am bummed that we missed Kylo Ren (hope he is still there when we go next time), but the Star Tours ride was my 4 year old’s favorite.

Because of their love for Star Wars and Frozen, I wanted to surprise them with Frozen and Star Wars “bathroom makeover” for all of our bathrooms. I set out our new SoftSoap Foaming Hand Soap featuring Star Wars and Frozen characters in every bathroom in the house. Each time they walked in to one they were excited! They just couldn’t wait to wash their hands! In their bathroom, I even added their new lightsaber toothbrushes and Star Wars figures to the display – and that got them hyped up for hygiene!

SoftSoap  SoftSoap   SoftSoap

We all absolutely love this hand soap! I enjoy having it on display so everyone knows our love for Frozen and Star Wars, but I also love how it works. My hands feel really clean afterwards and it is not harsh on them at all. That is really important in the winter especially – I know my hands get dry and cracked all the time.

star wars

Softsoap brand Star Wars Foaming Hand Soaps
Currently available in three of the most iconic characters:

  • Yoda
  • R2D2
  • Darth Vader

Softsoap brand Disney Frozen Foaming Hand Soaps
Currently featuring three of the most iconic characters:

  • Elsa & Anna
  • Elsa
  • Olaf

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Disney Themed SoftSoap Hand Soap

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  1. My bathroom makeover would start with a theme from one of the Softsoap decorated bottles.
    Next I would shop around to find as many items that would match that theme. Items like towels, washcloths,
    cups, trinkets/decorative pieces, curtains & shower curtains, and maybe even paint or find wall borders that match the theme that I could decorate the top of the bathroom walls with. Even try and find a toilet seat cover & a plate that encases the on off buttons & wall outlets. I’d go all out 🙂

  2. A frozen theme would be so fun!! I would put snowflakes on the mirror with that snowflake spray!! Id try and find an olaf shower curatin and a light blue bath rug!! Super cute!!

  3. DISNEY has so many different themes, that I could remodel my bathroom with one of their themes for every year for at least 15 years!!

  4. I have 2 bathrooms. So I think I would have them pick a Disney theme & decorate that bathroom. Then that way they could have their own bathroom the way that they like it. With a little adult help of course!

  5. My daughter said she’d make the whole bathroom a more general movie theater theme. The shower curtain would be like a red movie curtain, with a popcorn container toothbrush holder and any of the Soft soaps would fit in there!

  6. I am really running out of ideas. I do try and decorate them with a holiday theme – like when it is Christmas time, etc.

  7. I love nature themes. I would love to do a bathroom like that, but my husband nixed the idea, saying it would remind him of going in an outhouse.

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