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SodaStream Power

The majority of New Year’s Resolutions are related to losing weight, exercising, and getting healthy. I know that is what mine was about this year. When I heard about the new SodaStream Power and all of the Sparkling Water options that they introduced to their line.

We still love our SodaStream that we got a while back (read that full review here) and use it all the time. My husband and I enjoy soda and while the SodaStream soda is far better for you than main stream store bought soda, we have been trying to cut it out completely. Part of my addiction to soda is the carbonation. That is why sparkling water is such a good solution. Not only are the flavors amazing, but the carbonation helps curb some of my cravings.

I was really impressed with the SodaStream Power. Designed by Yves Béhar, the Power is an Automatic Sparkling Water Maker that offers a more convenient solution for carbonating water with touch button activation as well as quick snap-lock bottle insertion. The sophisticated and sleek design with metal accent fits nicely into any home décor. I thought the SodaStream was easy to use but this has made it as simple as possible. Plug it in, insert the bottle, and press a button. After the machine carbonates it for you (that is right, no more pushing down to carbonate the water), and then just pour in your mix.

SodaStream Power   SodaStream Power   SodaStream Power   SodaStream Power

There are three different levels of carbonation (and you can even go through the process twice if you like your sparkling water more “sparkling”). My daughters love to help and so we let them each push a button (we prefer the level 2 button twice) whenever we make a new bottle. If we make a bottle without them, we don’t hear the end of it! Speaking of the girls, I love that they can enjoy these Sparkling Water flavors with us. After trying the berry, my 4 year old said “This is so good, I can’t feel my life!!”. I am not so sure what that means, but it must be good right? My 3 year old asks for “that bubbly flavored water” all the time now too! As a whole, my family is totally impressed with this system.

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