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Geek Fuel Jan 16

I know I have said it many times, but Geek Fuel is by far my favorite geek and gamer themed subscription box. They always include an exclusive T-Shirt, a video game download code, and a contest/giveaway of some kind – not to mention the card they put in the box that talks about all of the items you received! This month was just like all the others – amazing! Items from Resident Evil, The Flash, and even Star Wars had me super excited (just watch my unboxing video if you don’t believe me)!

Geek Fuel Jan 16

The game download included is for a game called Metro Warp. I downloaded it for my phone right away and wow, it is so addicting – and fun! You basically just walk about and try to find your way through obstacles, trust me – you will love it! Another great item in the January box was the 8 bit breath savers. I got Mario, but Link was an option as well. I love Mario so this was great (OK, I love Link too – just have been playing a ton of Mario on my Wii U lately). The mints are shaped like blocks and I am half tempted to break them all open to see if coins are inside (so I did break one and nope, just a mint). There was also a Resident Evil Umbrella pin. Now, if you watched my unboxing video you know that somehow my pin box was open. I probably sound quite confused as I have no idea what the box is, until I look at the awesome card they include that talks about each item. Have no fears fellow geeks – I contacted Geek Fuel and they got back to me in a Flash (ha, get it?) and are sending me out one. See, I told you they are the best subscription box ever.

Speaking of the Flash, I am pretty in love with my Starlabs Coffee mug featuring the one and only Flash. I feel pretty super and like I can take on the day when I drink out of it. This month’s giveaway was also themed around The Flash, titled “Fuel Flash”. Each Geek Fuel subscriber was given a card with coordinates on it. The point is to locate Barry Allen and fuel him with Big Belly Burgers! Head to the provided website and type in the coordinates you were given – the winner gets an XBOX One, Lego Batman game, The Flash Season One on BluRay, and more! If you don’t have the right coordinates, you get to enter a second chance giveaway! This month’s exclusive shirt was pretty amazing as well – A Brief History of Time Travel – from HG Wells to the Hot Tub Time Machine, this shirt is AMAZING! I love it and have already worn it a few times, getting compliments wherever I go of course.

Geek Fuel Jan 16   Geek Fuel Jan 16

Honestly my most favorite item in this month’s box is the poster. Possibly because I have been redoing my office and was looking for one more Star Wars themed poster. It depicts a Jakku Comic-Con and is pretty awesome. The tickets cost 1/4 portion, 1/2 portion, or 60 portions. This poster earned a spot on my office wall the second I saw it.

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