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Ruffit Dog Carrier

As you may or may not know, my family owns a pug that we have named Khaleesi (Game of Thrones). She truly is a part of our family, and we like to take her with us wherever we go. Because she is a pug, she can get overheated pretty easily while walking, and so we end up carrying her a lot. Sometimes, if we are out for a walk and pulling our daughters in a wagon, she ends up riding with them for the majority of it. My husband also enjoys going for bike rides, but has been bummed that he cannot take his little queen (you will get it if you watch Game of Thrones) with him. But now, thanks to the Ruffit Dog Carrier, he can!

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When he first heard about Ruffit, he was so excited. He watched several videos and just could not wait for ours to arrive. After what seemed like forever (but it really wasn’t), our Ruffit arrived in the mail. I was shocked by how easy it was to get Khaleesi in it! She LOVES it! After just a few uses, she practically goes in it all by herself. She gets excited when she sees it because she knows she gets to cuddle her daddy! We love that Ruffit can be worn on the front or the back. It is very much like a baby carrier, which we used for both of our daughters and are very used to. Overall, this is a huge hit with the whole family! We could tell right away how well made it was and that it will support our Khaleesi girl as needed for a long time. We love showing it off, and get comments and questions all the time!

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About Ruffit
Leashes are appropriate but limiting in that they remove the use of one hand, are misplaced, and are unpredictable in the way which they will pull. The RUFFIT DOG CARRIER will allow you to have new adventures at eye level with your best friend. Meet the first and only hands free forward facing dog carrier. Whether you’re into biking, hiking, jogging, running, trekking the mountains or the city streets, the RUFFIT DOG CARRIER allows you unmatched mobility with your pet. RUFFIT DOG CARRIERS are made from hardy durable materials and are designed for comfort and safety of both the wearer and pet. Our wide shoulder straps disperse weight evenly and our sternum straps ensure a snug fit for all frame types. The RUFFIT DOG CARRIER is made of tensile strength, scratch-resistant material which is an industry standard for heavy duty, all weather use. Simply put, our product is reliable, safe, built to last, can take a beating and a biting.


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