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Dec Geek Fuel

I know I probably sound like a broken record when I talk about Geek Fuel – but it really is my favorite geek themed subscription box. I have tried all of them that are out there (trust me) and Geek Fuel is a cut above the rest. They always have some sort of fun giveaway or contest, a game download code (or 2), and an exclusive T-shirt. These shirts are always incredible. I wear them with pride and I am always getting compliments on them. In fact, when I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this past weekend I wore my resistance shirt from my November Geek Fuel and everyone was asking where I got it.

Dec Geek Fuel Star Wars

And speaking of Star Wars, you know this month’s box came with some pretty awesome Star Wars items to help celebrate the release. Not only was there the cutest darn greeting card I have ever seen featuring R2-D2 and the Geek Fuel robot (and some witty droid banter as well), there was also a Death Star Mold, Liquid Candy Sabers, and a BB-8 eraser. Oh, and as if that was not good enough, the giveaway this box, was tickets to see the new Star Wars! Yup, that’s right, Geek Fuel randomly put movie tickets in their boxes this month. How cool is that? They are so great at engaging their fans and subscribers. Right now, if you sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription – you get a FREE $30 Star Wars Bonus Pack in your first mystery box. Woohoo! Do you see why they are the best now?


Also featured in this month’s box was a double feature game download card! I am always excited to try out the games that Geek Fuel sends codes for and this month, we were sent TWO! Devil’s Bluff and Bloo Kid 2. I must say that both of these are a ton of fun! There was also some pretty amazing 8-Bit Gift Wrap that came in handy when wrapping my husband’s gifts (he is a gamer too of course). But I will say, I was sad to be using it up. It is so cool looking. I know my husband will be surprised to see it under the tree! The Vault of Simpsonology book that I got was Bart – but some people got Homer. I am a big Simposons fan so this is a fun book to own. I have already spent a couple of hours looking at it. The Bart one is called Manual of Mischief and the Homer one is Little Book of Laziness. I am interested in seeing the Homer one now too!

Dec Geek Fuel    Dec Geek Fuel

And last but certainly not least was the T-Shirt for this month – a mix of the Joker from Batman and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Two of my most favorite characters. I am more of a Marvel girl for the most part – but when it comes to the Batman villains, I must say, I am a HUGE fan. Joker, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman are some of the top comic book villains in my opinion. I was floored when I saw this T-Shirt. I could not love it any more than I do. It is so rad!

20151217_123324   20151217_124108

There is really no reason to not subscribe to Geek Fuel. Great items, great price, a T-Shirt in every box, a giveaway/contest in every box – over $50 in items each month for a fraction of that cost. If you have any bit of Geek in you, or know someone who does, this is the subscription box you should be getting – take my word for it!

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FanGirl Friday


  1. Interesting ... But it seems that sci-fi and fantasy and animated series are more misses than hits lately. The Star Trek reboot is just a retread. I will wait until the new Star Wars is on cable. Merchandising is only as good as the source material.
  2. Leigh Anne Borders on
    I think these little boxes are great. I think they contain neat items for followers of various things.
  3. This would be a fun way to get a surprise every month. Lots of great goodies. I'd probably keep some and share some with friends.
  4. That looks like an awesome subscription box. I love that you get a t-shirt and such a cool assortment of items in each box.
  5. May Lynn Mahlet on
    What an awesome package of goodies to open! How exciting-the only problem at my house would be making sure the deliveries of the Geek Fuel arrived when the kids are at school!!;)
  6. Sarah Woodruff on
    I must say, I'd order these boxes for my son, but I might have to sneak a peek and grab something out of it before he got to it.
  7. I went to & saw what was in December's box - all the way to August's box. I have to say, I did like all of the T-Shirts. I know a couple of my teenage grandkids would like them! But these boxes are geared toward younger people and gamers (which I am not). I would have no use for most of that stuff. BUT they would make great gifts for pre-teens or teenagers. I have been hearing more and more about subscribing for monthly items. It looks like it just might be the wave of the future!?!
    Sold! Ordering right now! I think there's something in this box for all of my family members. I love subscription boxes. Thank you for the great review.
  9. Lisa Williams on
    I just love everything in this box! My son would go crazy for the Star Wars stuff,me too! and I love that T-shirt so much!!!
  10. Andrea Williams on
    We love Geek Fuel too! My teens prefer it over the other subscriptions we have tried and if is a family affair when the new box arrives to be opened.
  11. There are so many neat goodies in this subscription box. I know my children and even my husband would love it.
  12. Diana Smith Hill on
    What a great box! i Love a good collection! Star wars and X files box would be awesome. So would a great box with Sherlock Holmes goodies!
  13. Heather McDonald on
    That is such an awesome shirt! My boyfriend has been hinting at a geeky subscription box since he heard about one from a co-worker. I know there are quite a few out there and this one really does look like the best! Thanks so much for the review, it was quite informative and helpful!
  14. I am constantly seeing subscription boxes of every variety, but that one is really cool!! My husband would flip if he got that!Au
  15. This would be the perfect gift for my hard to buy for teenager! He would love the idea of getting a box full of surprises from his favorite genres! I would never know where to get each of these and put a box full of things that "work" together!
  16. Really cool, seems like there is actually more stuff to do with what you receive than there is with other boxes you see people ordering!
  17. This would be a wonderful subscription for my 3 little grandsons. Thanks for providing all the great ideas for children.
  18. this is an amazing box subscription my son has another type and they are so worth their price every month thanks for sharing this box with us
  19. This is so great! I love to geek out, especially when it comes to Star Wars! My sister and I would watch it as part of a tradition during our annual 14 hour car drive to visit our grandparents.

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