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I don’t know about you but there is nothing like a hot cup of delicious coffee to help me get over the pre-winter blues! I am a total summer girl, and while the winter and fall are beautiful, I would rather be on the beach somewhere. Brooklyn Bean Roastery would like to know what coffee flavor and activity helps you get over the pre-winter blues – and you could win a 24 count of Brooklyn Bean Roastery Flavored KCups! I love their coffee – I swear by it. BBR has my favorite coffee blends and flavors.

Which coffee flavor and activity best helps you overcome those pre-winter blues?

(Keep it clean please!)

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BBR Flavored Coffee KCups Variety Pack


  1. I like drinking a nice hot cup of pumpkin spiced coffee with cream and sugar. To help get rid of my winter blues I start doing spring cleaning shortly after the holidays are all over with-
  2. Dorothy Boucher on
    That maple sleigh sounds delicious! and just keeping myself busy, taking walks even if its crazy snow outside, just giving thanks and make sure to watch movies that make you laugh and giggle lol
  3. Susan Broughton on
    What flovor helps me beat the blues is the Vanilla Skyline. What activity we like to do is the go four wheeling and enjoying ourselves
  4. Rachael Sutton on
    I don't drink coffee but I love hot cocoa to get me in the spirit. And watching a good movie always helps cheer me up! Thanks for the giveaway!
  5. Julie Lundstrom on
    I like the Classic Roast coffee and entering giveaways always helps the winter not seem so bad. I also like to watch Caribbean Life or Beachfront property in the winter for it makes me feel warmer.
  6. Debbie Welchert on
    My favorite flavor of coffee is just plain coffee with cream and sugar. I love to sip on hot chocolate and watch old christmas movies.
  7. Danielle Shulenburg on
    My favorite is Pink Pumpkin, but i would love to try anything cinnamon or vanilla while entering all these wonderful giveaways and catching up on my favorite shows.
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