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We are a Lego family – I grew up with Legos, my husband grew up with Legos, and now my daughters are playing with Legos. In fact, whenever we visit Disney World, we are sure to hit up the Lego Store. We are even planning a stop at LegoLand next time we head to the sunshine state. My girls have been playing with Lego Duplos pretty much since they were born and have recently switched over to the Lego Juniors and Friends line (although there are still times when they pull out the Duplos, we are not ready to pack those up just yet).

Lego Supermarket Suitcase Lego Supermarket Suitcase Lego Supermarket Suitcase Lego Supermarket Suitcase

Supermarket Suitcase
This set is perfect for any little one! My girls had so much fun putting it together. My 4 year old only needed a little bit of help – proud mama right here! She was so happy with herself for doing most of it by herself and she has been telling everyone about it. For kids, Legos are all about imaginative play and this set is great for that. My daughters have been having a blast making their Lego people go shopping and having them purchase items from the supermarket. Not to mention the suitcase itself is great for storing Legos! It has been used to take their pieces over to Grandma’s for the night and I just know it will be around for a long long time. You can create different size spots and organize your Legos just how you like with this. It would make a great holiday gift. Purchase Here.

Lego Supermarket Suitcase

Lego Supermarket Suitcase

Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter
My girls do get a little annoyed with my husband and I sometimes because there are certain Legos that they cannot touch (much like in Lego Movie, yes). We have our General Grievous, Joker Vehicles, and VW Camper Van that are strictly off limits. My husband and I have been known to pick up a set or two for ourselves and build them for our media room display. Every Christmas, I pick out a set for my husband to put under the tree – and he picks one out for me. If you do the same, I want to recommend to you Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter. My husband’s eyes lite up when I handed this over to him. He immeditely pulled it out and started his routine of separating all the pieces by color and size before opening the instructions booklet. He then put it all together, flinched when my daughter zoomed it around the room a few times, and then added it to our display.  Purchase Here.

Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter    Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter

Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter

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