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It’s that time of the year where I feel super generous, so I have teamed up with a few of my D23Expo blogging friends to bring you yet another amazing Giveaway.  This giveaway is for a Playmation Starter Pack and boy are you going to love this new interactive gaming system.  The Playmation gaming system is so interactive, fun and enjoyable I had to write a blogpost all about it.  Check out my Playmation review HERE.

I am totally obsessed with this new way of gaming – and so are my young daughters. We have a blast running around the house, ducking behind couches, and fighting with the Avengers. I have also included Playmation in my Holiday Gift Guide for this year, which you can browse here.


After reading my review, can you understand why I am eager to give one away?  I can’t wait for someone to have just as much fun with their Playmation Starter Pack as my family is having with ours.

Playmation is the next step in the evolution of play, where digital gets physical and imagination gets real. Inter-connected products with embedded content let players step into the world of Marvel’s Avengers! Control the adventures with wearable gear that lets users feel the battle and puts them at the center of the action.

With the Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack, players have the core products they need to carry out their first missions and fight alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the battle to defend the world from Ultron! The Starter Pack comes with four locations and 25 missions out of the box so that players can jump right into the action!

So what comes in the Playmation Starter Pack?  It:

  • Includes Repulsor Gear, 2 Power Activators, 2 Smart Figures (Captain America and Iron Skull), instructions, and 25 embedded missions
  • Track progress and access new missions with AvengersNet app
  • Additional missions available for download for Gear registered with the AvengersNet app.
  • Plus you can collect additional Playmation Marvel Avengers Smart Figures, each sold separately

Giveaway Alert

How can you enter for your chance to win your own Playmation Starter Pack?  It’s super easy!  Just enter the giveaway widget below and for extra entries encourage your friends to enter too. Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here. Fingers crossed and GOOD LUCK!!

Playmation Starter Kit Giveaway

Giveaway Disclosure: This giveaway will run from 12:01 AM CST on 10/19/15 and end at 11.59 PM CST on  10/26/15.  There will only be ONE winner for this giveaway and the Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Giveaway open to US Residents 18+. Prizes will be shipped upon verification of the winner, and MUST be shipped to a valid US address. NO P O Boxes will be accepted. Winner will be notified within 24 hours of the giveaway ending and will have 48 hours to respond via email. If response is not received by the deadline, prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen.


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