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Cook n Store Kitchen Cook n Store Kitchen

My daughters love to play restaurant. They will sit my husband and I down, tell us they are the “m’am” and that we need to order food from them. It is the cutest thing ever and I love watching them run off to their play kitchen to make things like jelly and turkey sandwiches, car soup, and other silly things they come up with. But I will say that because we have two young girls that enjoy things like this, we have a lot of toys cluttering our living areas. We try to keep everything in their room or the play room but they find their way in to the living room quite often. So I was very intrigued when I first saw the Cook ‘n Store Kitchen from Little Tikes.

Cook n Store Kitchen   Cook n Store Kitchen   Cook n Store Kitchen

This kitchen not only comes fully assembled – it folds up easily so it can be stored off to the side of a room or in a closet. It is also very light so carrying it from room to room is simple. My daughters think this kitchen is really cool and I have to agree. It comes with 32 accessories (food, plates, cups, etc) that are all really well made from durable plastic. I can tell that this will last a long time – even if there is some rough play. There is so much to do in this kitchen – the girls can really use their imaginations! There is a sink, two stoves, a refrigerator, a microwave, and even a spinning rack that can display all of the food it comes with.

Cook n Store Kitchen   Cook n Store Kitchen   Cook n Store Kitchen

I was surprised at how easily the kitchen converts from storage mode to play mode. It only takes about a minute and the kids are ready to play! This holiday season, if you are looking for something the kids will love, that won’t take up too much room and will be easy to move around, then check out the Cook ‘n Store Kitchen. It comes in pink and red so even the boys can get in on the cooking action.

Cook n Store Kitchen   Cook n Store Kitchen

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