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My husband and my brother-in-law both love to fish. I am always looking for great fishing related holiday gifts for them and sometimes that can be difficult. I don’t know a lot about fishing which makes it hard. This year, I teamed up with my husband to come up with some great ideas to share with you. If you have a fisherman in your life but nothing about the sport, look no further!

ibobber    ibobber


The iBobber is something that my husband is beyond excited about. It is the first fish-finding device to utilize Bluetooth Smart and sonar technology. It gives fishing enthusiasts a clear and reliable way to spot their next catch. Since it showed up on our door step my husband has been playing with it and watching videos online. He just cannot wait for fishing season to come around so he can try it out for “reel” (pun intended)! Unlike boat-mounted fish finders that only show what’s directly under the craft, iBobber can be cast up to 100-feet away with sonar pings 135 feet deep.

The iBobber turns on upon contact with the water, then syncs with a smart device (iOS and Android) to show fish location, size (over/under 15”), water temperature and more. iBobber also includes a Waterbed Mapping mode, illustrating the contour and structure of the waterbed, helping fishers avoid potential snags underwater, target fish more efficiently and see where that “bruiser” may be hiding. iBobber is lighter, smaller and has a longer battery life compared to other related products on the market (for a competitive overview, see here). This is a must have for any one who likes to fish!

Other key features of the iBobber include:

  • Trip Log: capture the day’s adventure with details such as date, time, location, conditions, type of fishing (spin, fly, bait, etc.), types of lures used as well as number of fish caught, what kind, how big and more!
  • Actionable information: keep track of the most successful spots with GPS-tag location, fish and strike alarms, weather logs and lunar calendar
  • Social media integration: easily post to popular sites, or email a friend who’s stuck back in the office
  • Bluetooth Smart: low-energy connection allows for 10 hour battery life
  • Lightweight design: 59mm diameter and weighing in at only 47g
  • LED indicator for easy spotting or night fishing

To see more reviews on the best portable fish finders, go to this site.

The iBobber retails for $99.99 and is available for purchase at these physical retailers and online at, Walmart, BestBuy (Canada) and others.

lucky tackle box

Lucky Tackle Box Subscription

Lucky Tackle Box is a fishing tackle subscription box that is perfect for any fisherman! First, pick which box you want – they currently offer bass and inshore saltwater plans as well as panfishing! The next step is deciding which monthly setup you want. Lucky Tackle Box offers fishing tackle in installments of month-to-month, three months, six months or twelve months. Keep in mind that you get a discount by ordering a multiple months package, so it pays to take the plunge! It is then shipped to you for free on the 10th day of every month. (Live outside the States? A small shipping fee of $5 will be applied to your box.) Cancel your subscription at any time. My husband was thrilled with this box, and even hinted that he would like a subscription for a holiday gift. That was easy! Watch the unboxing video below.

Rapala Fishing Gear
Rapala has lots of fishing lures and knives to choose from this holiday season. Whether it’s summers spent on the dock or winters spent on the ice, anglers spend most of the year casting and relaxing on water. With fishing’s growth in popularity, shop Rapala for some of the most popular items for experienced and new fishers alike. With gifts starting at under $15 they are perfect to put under the tree or in a stocking.

  • Shadow Rap: Perfectly mimicking a minnow int he water, this lure reduces the need to move the it in the water and makes it easier to hook that big fish.
  • Scatter Rap Tail Daner: To reach the big fish that are often at the bottom of a lake, this lure sinks and then demonstrates an evasive, erratic action to attract fish.
  • Jigging Rap: Tried, tested and true, the Jigging Rap has a yo-yo style that is bound to attract fish all over the lake by creating the illusion of an easy meal.
  • Original Floating: A new take on the original lure, this is a go-to lure that is featured in almost every tackle box.
  • Misc. Best Sellers: These products range from fillet knives, to fishing accessories and ice fishing lures.

rapala   rapala   rapala

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