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RELAX Mandala Coloring Book

I love to color. It has always been something that I like to do to relax and de-stress. As a matter of fact, on my honeymoon to Disney (6 years ago now), I bought a Disney Princess coloring book that I have been coloring in for years. I was so excited when I had my girls because I knew that soon enough I would have a couple of lifetime coloring buddies (or at least for several years). Recently adult coloring parties have been all the rage and I am so excited about this! There is nothing like a good coloring session to melt away the stress and get the brain working. Coloring is such a great way to express your emotions and your creativity! I was so excited to discover the RELAX Mandala coloring book that is specifically made for adults.d your creativity! I was so excited to discover the

RELAX Mandala Coloring Book Deisgn 1   RELAX Mandala Coloring Book Deisgn 2

This awesome book has 50 Mandala patterns – and they are only printed on one side of the page so you can hang them up and/or show them off! These designs are perfect for the use of coloring pencils (which happens to be my favorite way to color) or fine-tipped markers or gel pens. The designs are very intricate and detailed making them perfect for adults or older children (think teenagers). The oriental and floral designs create hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and fun, creative expression! And that is not all – every week they release FREE printable coloring pages!

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  1. It's been a long time since I've colored :( When I was a kid, I Loved to color!! Just recently I've been hearing about these Mandala Patterns, and I love them! It would be so relaxing to be able to color these beautiful designs! Thanks for this chance :)
  2. I do still color but I didn't know other people did,now I can be out and proud about it, MY NAME IS LISA WILLIAMS AND I LOVE TO COLOR!!! lol!
  3. Geneveigh Sewell on
    I do color! I love it!! I have 2 books right now - Owls and Paisley designs, but I've had my eyes on a Mandala book for a while. It would be so fun to make a pretty pattern. Relaxing too! :)
  4. I think coloring or even painting can be very relaxing for everyone, I use to do oil paint by number years ago and loved it too-
  5. Dorothy Boucher on
    I love coloring, I just find it relaxing, soothing for my mind and soul.. I stopped for a few years and I just recently starting coloring again, I found my first adult coloring book on Facebook, So I am really enjoying this.. @tisonlyme143 happy to connect
  6. Oh I wish I had seen this sooner!!! I absolutely adore coloring ... it's so restful and relaxing ... and it is something you can set down and go right back to without remembering how many stitches or spaces you need to go or already did. A friend of mine does these all the time and they are gorgeous!
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